Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekend Getaway

We left the snow in Western Maryland last weekend and ended up  HERE for business meetings and Continuing Education classes with Siemens.

We learned a little.  Got some needed CEU's.  

And had some fun....

This is not the guy I went with!  It's a good thing Brian, our Siemens sales rep, is just as crazy as Bubba Gary.

And we all know how competitive men are.  Gary met his match with Brian.  Yes, Brian won the ping pong 'tournament'...  and Gary won first prize for his list of excuses as to why he didn't win.

And so...  they went on to a game Gary was once upon a time really good at.  Pool.

 Brian won again.  And Gary's excuse:  his (now needed) prescription glasses got in the way.

Good food.  Good times.  Good friends.

And speaking of friends...  on our way out, a few stopped to bid us goodbye:

Gracie, how was your weekend with Justin?

Huh!  Justin!  Well, well, well...  you left Justin here to take care of me me here to take care of Justin all weekend.  Here it was:
Gracie, you gotta go potty?  I said NO.  He said, c'mon Gracie...  you have to go potty.  I said JUSTIN I DON'T HAVE TO GO POTTY!  Then I heard him tell mom on the phone that I tried to bite him.  Seriously. I did not try to bite him!   He tried to force me off the couch and I was right in the middle of a dream about Samson, our wedding, and beef jerkey treats...  and so I quickly reminded him (without even showing my teeth) that I DID NOT HAVE TO GO POTTY!  
So, that's how it went.  And boy, mom and dad... I am sure glad you are home.  You understand me.


  1. Everyone needs a get away to have some fun every now and then- and it looks like you all did!

  2. Looks like a good time. Sorry you were miserable GRACIE.

  3. Oh how fun! Sounds like a great time for everyone, except Gracie:) Have a blessed day sweet friend, HUGS!

  4. So glad you had a good time.

    Gracie, you are a sweetheart.

    Wishing you guys a nice day.

  5. Samson Says: I completely understand you, Gracie. Soldier pottied on command, I refuse to. When I have to go I let someone know. Simple as that! I dream of you too. Sending sweet kisses to you, my little cute Gracie, XOXOXOXO, Your Samson


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