Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Memories

Did you know that the Mall Of America in Minnesota has a ferris wheel and roller coaster inside the mall?

We visited there in 2002 I believe it was...  we had the girls with us.  Lindsey was a teenager at the time and Athena was about five years behind her.  The Mall of America is huge, so we decided to buy the girls walkie talkies so we could be separated from them without losing them.  This was before cell phones were all the rage.  It turns out all parents had the same idea because there was not one single frequency on those walkie talkies where we could reach the girls.  The channels were jammed.  Yes, they got lost.  And yes, we found them.

   my bedroom BG (before Gary)  So girly, right?

  Just some family and friends gathering on Thanksgiving.  Look at how tiny Gracie was...  awwww

Any random memories for you Gracie?

My first Christmas.  When Santa bought me Mr. Monkey.


  1. Whew! Two girls lost in the Mall of America. That would have made me crazy!

  2. So glad you found the two lost girls,,, what a terrible panic!

  3. That would have driven me crazy to have lost my girls at the Mall of America. Glad you found yours. GRACIE, I like Mr. Monkey. No random memories here today.

  4. Kinda of like getting lost in Disneyland! I always wanted to go to the Mall of America, but haven't made it there yet. Liked your and Gracie's random memories!


  5. Oh what a fun place to visit:) Gracie as a baby... SO CUTE and sweet! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!


  6. Samson with his thing for ears asks: Hi Gracie, you sure were a cute puppy, but how come your ears were light brown back then and now they are white? You are the same dog, right? I miss you, my sweet Gracie, have a real good day. XOXOXOXO, Your Samson ~ Forever

  7. It's fun to reminisce. I've been to Malls of America and it's almost like a country unto it's self, doncha think?


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