Sunday, December 16, 2012

How Can We Go On... We Just Do...

Friday morning I popped on facebook to see a status of:

What is wrong with this world? Shooting with deaths in elementary school???

Below this persons name it said: near Frostburg via mobile.

Now, even though I knew that the location was basically where the facebook friend was posting from... for a brief minute my heart dropped...   and I thought about Rissi in kindergarten at that moment.  I tried to find out more... but all I was hearing was kindergarten, shooting, and 20 deaths.

Finally, the story was playing out on the news and the location and facts were clearer.  Again, my heart dropped.  So many innocent children!  So many heros who sacrificed their own life to try and protect them!  So many lives shattered!

I cannot even try to imagine the pain...

All I can do is pray.

Yesterday was Rissi's Christmas dance recital.  Prayers were said.  Tears shed.  A lot of love in that auditorium yesterday.  I found myself wiping away tears with each performance.  What a blessing to be able to watch these children,  and to know... that by God's grace...  I was gifted another day with my own precious angels.  

Please!!  Do not stop praying for these families!!  This is all we can do to help them get through this.

And now...  the Love's of my Life...  (well, 2 of them)...  

Rissi was mostly the 3rd from the left...



  1. Sweet pictures. Will be praying for the rest of my life. A tragedy beyond what I can comprehend.

  2. I thought about Rissi too and my great-niece Jessica who is that age. It is so tragic, I couldn't find any words, just sadness. That's why I posted the prayer today.

  3. continued prayers. What blessing we have in our children and grandchildren

  4. What beautiful blessings your grandgirls are! My prayers will continue for those affected by this terrible tragedy.

  5. Such a tragedy. Words cannot express how most of us feel about it.

  6. We feel like you do- so sad about this terrible news

  7. What a blessing to be close to the grands and part of their activities so often! Very sweet dancers.

  8. It looks like Summer was really enjoying this! Marissa is beautiful and precious, bless her sweet little heart!!! Phil and I both watched her and got such a kick out of it. They did not let us video Anne Marie, probably because they want to sell their own. But we do have the pictures.. Is there anyhhting better than watching them dance on stage??

  9. Rissi did a great job!! I too can't imagine, Bobbi, the horror of it all. All we can do is indeed pray and continue to pray!


  10. Awesome job Rissi! Your girls are so adorable! I feel like we will never from this tragedy.

  11. Oh so precious:) I remember when Autumn had little recitals like that! Sweet memories! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  12. Those families need all of our prayers :(

  13. Rissi looks so cute in her colorful tutu! And that Summer is always adorable!!

    Oh, Bobbi, I can't even begin to imagine how the parents of those precious innocent children must feel..... my heart weeps for them and all that were touched by such sensless violence.....

    They are in my prayers....
    Please give Rissi and Summer extra squeezes and hugs and kisses this Christmas Season.... Y'all are truly blessed!!!!


  14. Such cute videos!

    That shooting was just so sad! I can't even imagine what those families are going through.


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