Monday, December 17, 2012

Gracie's Post ~ MOODS

Gumby is Mom's favorite toy.  When she says "Go get Gumby" I know just what she wants.  

Another favorite of Mom's is TOY.  She will toss TOY across the room and I will bring it right back to her.  I think she likes TOY and Gumby because they don't scream out in pain when I bite them with my teeth.

When I feel like making Mom happy, I bring her Gumby or TOY.

When I feel like wrestling, I pick out Wally the Alligator.  Wally has over 30 squeakers and can he make some noise!

Sometimes Wally wins, but mostly I shake the sense out of him.

Squeaky Blue ball makes enough noise to keep Mom and Dad both on their toes.  "Gracie must you?"  and "Gracie go lay down" are popular comments from them at this time.

When I'm in the mood for ice cream  I play with my ice cream cones.  They crinkle and squeak just a little. 

When the mailman goes through and I'd like to rip him to shreds but can't get to him...  I take it out on MAN.  He does scream!

This morning, after a surprise BATH and BLOW-DRY...  my toy of choice was ANGRY BIRD.  


  1. BOL! Dad doesn't want any noisy toys in this house! I think that's because he is an old fart, unlike Mom, who doesn't mind squeekys at all!
    Why is that bird so angry>>>
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  2. Oh my goodness! Wally looks the most fun, but I do so like a good Angry Birds game! Gracie, do you have a toy basket to put all these toys? You almost have as many as our three cats! They say to tell you a big MEOW!!!

  3. Gracie, you have quite the selection of toys! No squeaker toys in this house. My pointer/mix is afraid of them. Imagine that.

  4. These pictures just made my morning, Gracie.... you are really good at cheering people up, you know that? There is much sadness in this old world.... but thank the Lord for adorable, fuzzy white dogs that make us smile........


  5. Oh Gracie, you sure have lots of cute toys to play with:) Have a blessed day dear Gracie and Bobbi! HUGS!

  6. Bami got so old she never played with toys!!! Zoie loved toys but no stuffy lasted much longer then 3 minutes then that stuffy would be de--stuffed--dead and she was happy with that!!!
    I miss her so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for your visit!!

  7. Oh my Gumby brought back lots of memories lol... Stopped by to wish you Gracie and Gary a very Merry Christmas.

  8. Samson Says: Now that my mommy has read this, I hope she realizes that I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TOYS!!! XOXOXO, your Samson

  9. All of Gracie's pics are cute but that last one stole my heart!


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