Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Don't Know Her Like I Do

Yea...  Gracie here.  

The person that usually writes this blog is temporarily busy making my life miserable doing nothing.

Hey.  Don't judge me.  You don't know her like I do.

What kind of a 'human' would write a note like the one below:

...  and leave it there day after day after day?   

Does anyone have some extra food?

A biscuit?

A cookie crumb?


  1. Poor Gracie just wants a cookie crumb!

  2. Poor little Gracie. Franklin suggested that a beleaguered chihuahua run away and join our dog pack. Maybe you should, too.


  3. Oh you poor little starving dog! Look at that of so much neglect and lack of food!
    There must be a law!
    Psst! Gracie, when you know who is not around, I'll let you in on how I get all the treats I want from my guys, OK? Don't say a thing and act like nothing is going on.......

  4. Poor Gracie. She would probably like to be fed twice, like Harriet tries to pull on us!!!

  5. Oh Gracie, I will feed you:) HUGS

  6. Dear Gracie,
    So sorry to hear your Mom is holding out on you. Our Mom has been doing the same thing! What's the big deal about a couple of pounds already?
    Yours, Truly,
    Jack and Jill

  7. You look so hungry Gracie!! I'm hopeful someone will come to your aid soon and you will get the nutrition and the nourishment you need!


  8. Oh dears, Gracie! Me thought me heard a rumblin comin from da North! It musta been your tummy! When was da last time you eated? Dis is terror-ible!

  9. Just fire her A$$! The nerver of her! Sending food to you right now!
    Lovies Miss Mindy

  10. Samson Says: Oh my Gracie, I want that picture of you, now that I can see again. I try to tell my mommy that it doesn't matter so much if I can see or not as long as I have my nose intact, but I think I have to change my mind now that I see your sweet face again. XOXO, Your Samson

    P.S. Puddles and Sophie are just Best Furry Friends with me. You are my girl, my one and only girl.


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