Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fall has arrived nicely.

And now that the festivals are over it's time for a nice quiet walk along the bike trail by the railroad tracks.

We stop for a picture.

And as always...  hope and pray that we don't have a 'train encounter'.

Ever since Gracie FREAKED OUT a few years ago there.

But during this weekends walk...  one of my biggest fears!  The train was coming!  There was nowhere to go, and since Gracie almost broke loose last time, I pulled her over to the side and threw myself on her... trying to keep her calm and from trying to run away.

Whew!!!!  My heart was pounding!  So was hers.

But we made it!

If you haven't seen this video already, be sure and watch.  This is from 2 years ago.  I had no idea Gracie would react in the way she did!


Happy Fall y'all!


  1. Beautiful setting and the train... and then poor Gracie:( I bet she will not be taking another walk along the tracks! Rissi sure has grown! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  2. Poor Gracie, just imagining what went on in her mind - well, the poor baby!

    Rissi has gotten so much bigger, cute to see her "little" again!

  3. Oh, my! I'm glad you're quick and agile so you can protect Gracie.


  4. Oh wow! Gracie sure did not like that train! And cute little Rissi! Love it!

  5. I'm just glad Gracie didn't get away from you--It's so tough when they are afraid of something like a train, isn't it??

    I hope all is well on your side of the Potomac!

  6. Marissa has grown! Poor Gracie! Koda doesn't like loud airplanes and sometimes we are on the flight path of the military jets. When he hears those, he is looking for a safe place to hide.

    You did the best you could Bobbi to protect her on your recent encouter with the train!


  7. That was 2 years ago, Bobbi? Seems like last week!!
    Love the bee photo on the California Poppy, nice!

  8. Poor Gracie. So amazing how much Rissi has grown in two years. I loved hearing her say Pop Pop and Granny!

  9. Poor Gracie! How neat that the walking trail is right beside the train tracks.


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