Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trouble Here. Trouble There. Trouble Everywhere!

Last night Summer gave up her turn at Grammy and Pop-pop's house so Rissi could spend the night again.  

Rissi has always been 'our girl'.  I love all of my grand-angels, but she will always be special in that she was the first.  

She is the one who would cry all the way home 
when she would have to leave me.  I can still see that little hand blowing me kisses from the car... tears streaming down her face and holding tight to her baggy filled with Nilla wafers.  

It's hard to believe that she's in kindergarten already.  

Rissi:  Look in the mirror Grammy.

Me:  Ugh!!  

Rissi shakes her head back and forth...  a worried look on her face.

Me:  What do you think the problem is?

Rissi:  I think you need a make-over.

Me:  Oh, okay.  Make me look pretty, okay?

Rissi:  Okay!  

She combs my hair and pretends to apply all kinds of sprays and makeup.  Then she shoves the mirror in my face to take a look.  

Me:  What do you think?

Rissi:  (scrunching her face...)  It still looks like a disaster, but maybe if we brush your hair out some more.  

Me:  (a few minutes later)  Do I look better?

Rissi:  Yea!!

Later, after Pop-pop and I took her to see Hotel Transylvania, it was time for some of Summer....

She's my little Cuddle Bunny.  She loves to Cuddle!

When I'm ready to leave, it has become a tradition that I let Rissi pick out a piece of fruit stripe gum from my purse.

I explained to Summer that she's not old enough yet.  Her day will come.

I turned my back for a minute and when I turned back around, Guess who was in Grammy's purse?

 Notice the wave of her hand (above)?  That's how she stays out of trouble.  It's the cutest wave I have ever seen...  and she knows it.  I will post a video soon.

She studied the gum, and removed a piece for herself.

Oh Summer...  We should have named you Trouble.

But seriously...  there's someone else in our family with that  name already...

Dear Diary,

I didn't do it.  Wally did.  Gracie.


  1. Oh what a cute post, Bobbi. Your granddaughters are growing so fast. My mom always carried Juicy Fruit in her purse. Even her tissue, wallet etc. smelled like the gum!!!

  2. How can you resist a face like that with Summer? She's so cute! And very ingenious to figure out how to get the gum! I can't imagine Gracie ever causing (much) trouble!


  3. Of course you didn't do it, Gracie. I will stand up for you. The girls are simply too adorable. Don't you love having a kindergartner tell you that you need a makeover?


  4. Cutest little Grands! I love it that Rissi is trying to do a make-over:) Summer is growing up too fast! Enjoy your day dear friend! BIG HUGS!

  5. This was an adorable post Bobbie!

  6. Hi Bobbi and Gracie, What a wonderful post-don't grands just make life so much more fun! Gracie, you are just too cute-you couldn't do anything wrong(wink wink at momma). Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Dear Bobbi, you are so blessed!!! And miss trouble, miss furry trouble, Samson sends his XOXO and doesn't for one minute believe Wally did it. Who's Wally anyway, someone else he has to worry about, Samson asks.

  8. What a cute picture of the little one in your purse.

  9. That's cute Bobbi!

    Ah, the gum thief!


  10. Oh my goodness....Summer with that gum is just way too cute! Rissi sounds like the sweetest little girl!


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