Friday, October 19, 2012

Pillow Talk

I have a Question.

Do we have too many choices?

For example...  our Dish TV offers more channels than we would ever have time to watch.  We stick with about half a dozen and the rest go to waste.  I don't watch much TV at all because I would be hard pressed to make a choice and I wouldn't know where to go with it!  Too many choices!

Another thing.  Diapers.  Going to the store to get diapers for the grand baby gives me stress.  I will stand in front of an entire wall filled with different brands, different sizes, different levels of dryness and comfort, night-time, day-time, pull ups, fresh scent,  blah-blah-blah.   First I feel faint.  Then I begin to sweat.  A lot.  What to do!!!  WAY TOO MANY CHOICES!


Tonight I was faced with yet another anxiety filled decision.  In shopping for a new pillow at the Bon-Ton I was blown away by the CHOICES.  There is down.  Down alternative.  Feather. Foam. Memory foam. But those choices aren't what brought on my anxiety. No, no...  It was when I had to chose between:

** For those who sleep on their back
** For those who sleep on their side
** For those who sleep on their stomach

WHAT?  I sleep on my back, my side and my stomach.  So now what?

Needless to say, I came home without a pillow.   I am in need of a pillow consultant I suppose.

When did life get so complicated?


  1. It's not like Goldilocks and the three bears anymore, is it?

  2. I know; I don't get all the channels we have available. Who has time to watch them all or even check them all out? Or going to a restaurant and having pages and pages and pages of menus (like at the Cheesecake Factory) where there are so many choices you can't narrow it down to one.

    Life was so much less complicated when we were younger I do believe!

    enjoy the weekend!


  3. When my husband and I moved back to the country ten years ago, we decided not to have a satellite dish and we've done well without it. We have an antennae and get about five channels - they are still more than we watch - if I lived alone, I'd never watch TV as long as I had a computer.

    I agree with you - we have too much and the bad thing is we want it right now. Aren't we spoiled!!


  4. We DO watch a lot of TV and lots of Sports! But there are tons of channels that we have and NEVER watch! Enjoy your day, hope the pillow works well with your style of sleeping:) BIG HUGS!

  5. Way to many choices for my ADD to accept! lol

  6. We do have too many choices, and it really does make life complicated--Or is it me that makes my life that way?? ;-)

  7. It is interesting you say this about the choices because that causes missionaries who return home on furlough stress, too. In many of the countries where they serve, they are fortunate to have the necessities. In America, there is an over-abundance.
    My solution to too many choices is to see what our children bought and play copycat. They do lots of product review research before purchasing anything.

  8. When I was young in days of yore, we had one TV channel. When we received a second channel, it was quite exciting. It annoys me now that to get the channels I want, I have to take dozens of channels I don't want. It's difficult to find what I want in stores because the store is cluttered with too many choices. You make a good point.


  9. Sometimes though you don't have enough, like I need a new doctor, but no one up here in this mountain town wants new patients. And the dentists up here aren't that hot either. But go to a store, yes, of course, all the stuff we don't really need, of that there's plenty. Samson wrote to Gracie on the post below. He can see her now and is so happy.

  10. And I have trouble making decisions! Ugh LOL

  11. We watch a lot of TV! I don't know how I lived without a DVR. I think the whole pillow thing is a scam. When we bought our new mattress and pillows, I just bought what felt good.


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