Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Birds

A few years ago this birds nest appeared here and a mean ol' crow got ahold of the babies and that was the end of that.  

The nest was abandoned.  But since the nest is just outside of our office window, we decided to give our customers something to look at. 

A mama wren, looking for a place to nest, showed up a few weeks ago.  Imagine her surprise when she discovered the petrified counterpart nesting there.  She pecked at her a few times just to make sure there wasn't going to be any trouble... then she made off with some of the straw.  

It seems she was building just yards away in a
much safer place.  

The crows have been showing interest...  but we're trying to keep them away without scaring mama and papa wren.

We're looking forward to being grandparents again...


  1. This is hilarious, I wonder what the birds think when they encounter your fake one? Does it peep all the time? Does it use batteries? It's a really good idea, cute!

  2. thats so cute, you know I always wondered how they pick theplaces for these nests, you would think its awfully hot in the metal downs spout or eves trough!

  3. Oh I love this story.
    I cannot wait for them to have babies so you can show us your grandbird babies

  4. that is so sweet!! Always fun to have a nest so close by!


  5. BWhahahaha...OMD, I just couldn't get passed da faux bird withs da cartoon bubble message...dat was brilliantly clever. And then when you tolded da Gary Man to SHHHHHH!

    Okays, I will stop laughin; nows. I hopes da mama and pap birdie is gonna be safes to has their babies.


  6. TOO funny:) I have birds building their nests all over the place here too! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  7. Very funny. We currently have two nests on our gutters too!

    Wishing you a blessed Mother's Day, Bobbi.

  8. Your update did NOT show up on my dashboard in the new format. TALK about irritating. LOVE those birdies. So sweet. GREAT video. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you. ENJOY! PS) Please keep my daughter in your prayers, would you. They just discovered 3 spots on her lungs. she's never smoked. And a big mass on her liver. They're going to do a biopsy soon. I am praying with all my heart these things are benign. She's only 36 and has two small children. You never know what the good Lord is going to throw your way. Last week everything was in transition about something else. This week we are confronted with this. We all scared for sure.

  9. Awww.... so cute! Thanks for sharing this moment in y'all's life.... and what a cute way to advertize, too! You are so creative!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, precious friend!

  10. So cute! We had a nest on our porch at our old house. A robin nested there every year. Us and the cats enjoyed watching the babies.


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