Wednesday, May 9, 2012

at the end of my rope!

rinng...  ring...


may i speak to lee carpenter

i'm sorry, this is a business #.  i would appreciate it if you would take this # off of your list.

ring...  ring


hello, lee?

lee who?

is this lee carpenter?

no!  quit calling here!

ring ring...

lee carpenter please..


i would appreciate it if you would quit yelling in my ear.

well then stop calling here.

ring. ring.

Felicia Stevens please.

wrong #.

ok, thank you.

ring, ring.

machine.  This message if for lee carpenter..


ring. ring.

Felicia Stevens please..



since we opened in july of last year...  it's morning, noon, night, and now in the middle of the night.

Someone is not getting the message...

Felicia Stevens and Lee Carpenter no longer have this number!

Anyone else ever have a problem like this?

i don't want to change my number, this is a business line and it's on all of our advertising and business cards.

i tried the do not call list.  does not work.

What to do?


  1. This has happened to me before. It is very frustrating! I hope you can resolve this!

  2. I screen my calls here so we don't get that nonsense anymore. But we used to. Since it's a business number??? I don't know what to tell you. It must be so frustrating, getting crank calls, I know. Don't engage them in any conversation. The minute he asks for Felicia or Lee HANG UP. When that used to happen to us years ago, we'd say we were the local funeral home. They quit bothering us??? GOOD LUCK.

  3. Well, you know WE do! If you find out a good solution,let us know!

  4. I don't have any advice, but I like the funeral home suggestion. Like: "Lee Carpenter, when did he pass away? Are we handling his burial?" I'm giggling here, but I also understand this must be sooo frustrating and maddening for you, particularly since it is your place of business. On a lighter note, but not much, because he does complain as we all know, Samson will finally get his chance to post something about all his latest trauma tomorrow. I know he wants Gracie to get updated.

  5. Just don't answer the phone- that is what we do!

  6. Well I had a similar problem but it was someone with my last name that wasn't paying their bills! I not only received calls (a bazillion of them) but mail too! It finally stopped! Hope your's stop too! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  7. Happens here all da time. Solution: Let Gracie start answerin' da phone! A few loud WOOFS into dere ear and dey will never all again!

  8. That is frustrating, Bobbi. I don't know how to stop it either. I had someone calling for a person one time, I think it was a collection agency, LOL, but when I insisted several times it was a new number we had just gotten, etc., I still don't think they believed we weren't those people, like we were trying to avoid them or something. I fear for the people that got hubby's parents' phone number. They had it for over 30 years, I'm sure whoever got it is probably getting a lot of calls for them.......

    I have no answers, sorry. Maybe when they call looking for Lee, etc you can start listing what you have for your business services and keep them on the line as long as you can, frustrating them; maybe that might make an impact....who knows?


  9. We had bill collectors calling our house for whoever had our number before we did--Telling them that 'Brad what's his name' wasn't at our number was met with being called a liar an outright rudeness more times than I can count--My advice, try to hang in there and hopefully it'll pass just like our wrong number calls did.

  10. We had this happen to us when we first moved into our house. They always called for a Walter Valy. They'd leave numerous messages on our answering machine. And if we picked up we'd try to tell them no one by that name lived here. Well, one day I was reading the obituaries and a guy by that name had died. That isn't a southern name so I knew it had to be him. The next time the call came I answered it and told the person that I didn't know him but his obit was in the paper and that I'd more than happy to mail it to them. They stopped calling!

    I hope the calls stop for you! I imagine it would be difficult to change a business number. Maybe eventually they'll get the picture!


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