Monday, May 7, 2012


  4.30.12  Diary Entry:

Dear Diary,  The day started out good.  A little R&R with Dad and then  some outside sunshine.  I was luvin' life.

My outside potty time was a little longer than usual.  That's when I became suspicious.  Upon being left back in, I ran to the back door and sniffed at a familiar scent underneath the closed door.  Suitcases.  

It was starting to come together.  The whispers from earlier...  'shh..  Gracie can't know we're leaving.  She'll puke like before'.   I mean, come on woman...  don't you understand that my nose and ears are super sensitive and I can hear and smell everything you're doing in spite of your efforts to hide it all?  Then, they disappeared.    Lindsey came by shortly after and cleaned my puke off of the floor.  She fed me and filled my water bowl with fresh new water.   I had once visited a paw-reader named Madame Snookie who informed me that if I ever wanted to conjure something up I just needed to lay my head on an item that was 'related or close' to that thing and voila, it would appear.  So I brought my dad's slipper into the middle of the floor and layed my head on it.  When that didn't work, I pulled his pillow off of his bed and brought it out into the middle of the living room floor.  Still nothing.  I pulled my mom's sock that was stuck inside of one of her sneakers and brought it out and put it in the middle of the floor.  Nothing. Apparently I was snookered out of 2 milk bone and a pig ear by the snookster.  Guess I'll just curl up on my chair and wait for them to come home.  *wipes tears from fur*  Gracie.

5.1.12  Another Diary Entry:

Dear Diary,  After Lindsey left last night, I drifted off to sleep and I had a nightmare.  I dreamt I had been replaced by another.  

  Worried, I got online and looked at mom's blog to see if there were any clues and low and behold, my suspicions were right.  They did leave without me.  A guy named Jim (who is now my BFF) tried to convince mom that I should go on vacation with them and that I should be given a chance.  I agree with him 100% and don't understand why just because I bark, lunge, and pace when one of them get out of the buick to go into a store that they would hold that against me when it comes to going on vacation 6 hours away.  They really need to give me a chance.  Gracie.  

5.2.12  Another Diary entry:

Dear Diary,  Another nightmare.  Another pup.  I guess I should make the best of things here with Lindsey and Rissi.  They seem to like me a lot, and Rissi fills my food bowl to overflowing.   I've always loved that kid!    Maybe I can eventually own them.  Gracie.

5.3.12  Another Diary Entry:

Dear Diary,  Mom and Dad returned home and they bought me the coolest beach towel!  Apparently Mom has had a change of heart and guess who'll be going to the beach with them this year?  **does victory dance**


 I was wrong.  Gracie.


  1. awwwwww, heart breaker!!!

    Great towel though!

  2. Poor Gracie!!! Gracie, you need to go back to Ms. Paw Reader and let her tell you how much your mom and dad love you! I think you would be even more stressed out on a vacation than at home with the girls!

  3. Too cute!... now Tessy will want to see a "paw reader"!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  4. Oh dear, poor Gracie! Love your new towl towel though!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  5. Awww Gracie, I know you got some extra lovin' when they got home:) They miss you when they are gone too! Go for a walk today in the sunshine and you will feel ALL better! HUGS from Ganky!

  6. LOL! What does Jim know anyway! Gracie you have to PROMISE to not whine and bark, I have a reputation to uphold! lol Me and my big mouth!

  7. Awwwww, Gracie! Me tinks a call to da cruelty division of da ASPCA would be in order at dis time. Torture....sheer torture!

  8. This is FUNNY - - - especially the surprise ending!!!! The towel is beautiful - - - even if every time you look at it, you will remember how your dreams of the beach were crushed with that teaser of a towel. Bathwater and beach water aren't anything alike, are they?!!!

  9. But you know they did miss you when they were gone! I'm sure you were on their mind 24/7!!!


  10. Gracie, don't you remember that you managed to fly, like a cloud in the sky, to visit both your mom and dad and Samson too? See, all those things you dragged out onto the living room floor, really must have helped you.

  11. GRACIE you're supposed to be holding down the fort... not wallowing in self pity. I knows you miss them. But while the folks are away, the dog can play. You hear me honey. Get your groove on. Lighten the mood. PARTY girl. PARTY.


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