Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Changes





I can't stop crying.  Though I know I did the right thing...  it doesn't take the sadness away.  

One of our patients (Juanita) came into our office last week and she had just lost her dog of 14 years.  Her dog was a poodle mix and when she saw the picture of Gracie on my wall, she started to cry because she looks so much like her beloved Whiskers...  I asked her if she wanted to meet Gracie and she said yes.  

I warned her...  Gracie doesn't make up well to strangers, so just give her a few minutes.  I went over to the house and grabbed Gracie up and took her over to meet Juanita.  

I wish I would have taken a video.  Honestly, I have never saw Gracie make up immediately to someone like this before.  I was shocked!  She jumped up in Juanita's lap like she'd known her all her life.  When Juanita left, Gracie sulked as if she missed the old lady.  
(Juanita is in her early 90's)

Gracie has been having a real hard time lately jumping up on our bed.  She's getting older now, and doesn't keep up with us well.

My wheels began to turn....   and I realized,  I'm not doing Gracie any favors by forcing her into our lifestyle of go, go, go.  Then there is the kennel.  When we go away it's unfair that we have to be putting her in the kennel.

Juanita has a beautiful home that is handicap accessible.  She has a huge fenced yard and a cat named Whiskers 2.  ( I know...  kind of silly, but that's it's name).  Gracie loves cats.

I just want Gracie to live a good, happy life.  I am finding I have less and less time for her and it's not fair to her.  Gary and I talked it over, and though he wasn't 100% for it, I convinced him that it would be best to let Juanita adopt Gracie as long as we could go and visit whenever we want.  She lives 40 minutes away, so it shouldn't be a problem to see her at least once a week.  

Please don't judge me.  I only did what I felt in my heart was right.  Yesterday, gathering up her toys and blankets, I started to cry.

But then when we got to Juanita's house, and seeing the look on her face when Gracie came to her yesterday to stay...  I knew it would all be for good.  She was so happy.  Gracie on the other hand... well, she freaked out when she saw that we were leaving..

but I know she will get used to being there.  

I will be changing my blog to Gracie Owned Me...  and hope to have more time that I can write and remember our sweet moments together.  

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Dear Diary,

If Mom's readers believe the load of crap she's been feeding them in this years April Fools post, then they didn't learn anything from her LAST YEARS POST .  Talk about gullible. 
Mom - give me, her reason for living away?  Never!  Gracie.



  1. Well, I am getting my clothes on and driving ALL the way up there to SMACK you:) I knew you had LOST your ever-loving mind! Have a good day! HUGS to GRACIE, not you... hehe!

  2. Oh crap! You got me! No lovies to you, just Gracie, Miss Mindy (BOL)

  3. Oh Bobbi, I knew you could never give Gracie away... and I am on to your April Fools posts from previous years!... what a sweet little vintage lady though!... Happy April!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  4. Haha! Such a trickster you are! I love that last photo of Gracie looking all smug and happy. :)

  5. Guess I am done reading posts for the day...

  6. Glad Samson didn't see this post. (You are a good writer and I am so looking forward to your book.)

  7. Bobbi,
    How could you? :) My daughter just had surgery so we have been way tired and I also must admit to being gullible. I was so sad, I was already missing Gracie before I got to the end of the page. Shame on you :) ((hugs))

  8. Yep, you fooled me big time!!!! Glad
    April Fool's Day only comes once a year! :)

  9. OMD, I just about freaked out! I'm still new to this blog, so was sad, and had no idea it wasn't true. You got me. I was about to "unsubscribe"! Glad it was just a joke. (Although, I'm sure that old lady would have been happy to have you!)

  10. I wasn't even going to leave a comment. I was simply too devastated at the thought of Gracie's heartbreak at being separated from her family. I thought, 'just when you think you know a person'. I was screaming in my head, "no, no, no! I don't care how sweet the little old lady is, you're Gracie's Mommy!". I almost didn't bother reading Gracie's diary, as I was too bothered by the occurrences.

    I will admit, that was a very clever April Fool's Day joke, and I'm even chuckling just a bit now, but....well.....DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! ;-Þ

  11. Hi Bobbi, Well the tears were flowing for me since we just lost our Reggie this last week-I was saying "Really???" so you got me good. I do know that pups can minister to the elderly though. So glad it was only a joke and now I can wipe the tears away.
    Hugs Noreen

  12. Your a naughty mommy! you tricked us and made us cry!
    Gracie will get even!

  13. So I did not even think about what day it was - - other than April 1 - - - a Sunday for me having to work at our church as usual since I am on staff. Never would I have thought someone would pull a prank on the Lord's Day!!!!!
    However, I was thinking how sweet you were being to the older lady and also to Gracie - - - giving her an owner who could devote many hours to her without sharing with the granddaughters - - - - I believed you, too and am in the car with your first commenter to come and smack you and hug Gracie!!! P.S. The Sabbath Day or not - - - I am gullible all the time - - and at least I'm not crying like my hormonal pregnant daughter whom someone tricked today - - and now the 'tricker' feels horrible! And it was such a small April Fool's Joke.
    Two points to you for a really good gag!

  14. Ummm...okays I was readin' along...very well written by da way...and I was already thinkin...Ms. Bobbi be so full of it...hehehehe. Girl, I knows you betters than dat and I knew you would nevers give your shadow up...I mean Gracie. And believes me, I am as gullible as they come but I knoew better.


  15. Poor old Gwacie...she'll get for dat!

  16. oh my gosh!! you had me going!!!!!!


    Okay, that was good and not so cool at the same time!! You are a beautiful writer... so so so talented. HOWEVER, who calls their DOG Whiskers? That is a kitty name!!! *giggle* and I DO remember your April Fools trick from last year. I really really fell for that one! That was when I was just new at your blog. Now I know better, hehehe BUT I have to say I might have fallen for it if I hadn't read your newest post yet... except for three things that were in the back of my mind. 1, the name Whiskers for a dog... 2, I don't think, even as generous in heart as you are, that you could have given Gracie away to a 90 year old who could die anytime and leave Gracie hanging. Nuh huh. No way, no how. and 3, simply you would NEVER give her away!!

    You're good... very good! :)

  18. You had me going for a minute, I must admit. I was thinking POOR Juanita. But GRACIE convinced me, you were only fooling. HAPPY APRIL. take care.

  19. No Way Jose!!!! I would not have believed it.... LJ


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