Friday, July 8, 2011

The Ear

Busy, busy, busy.  I haven't worked this hard in years.  Monday is our grand opening.   I've really missed visiting everyone.  Every once in a while I'll pop on to see what's up but I don't have much time to comment.
I'll be glad when things settle down.  

I have good news and bad news.  Which do you want to hear first?  The bad news?  Aw, ok.  The bad news is...
the stump was too far gone and
our guy from Bobs Backyard Bears
recommended we just cut it down....

Now for the good news.
 It's Bob's first time carving an ear...

  Is he doing a fabulous job or what? 

The ear will sit on the remainder of our tree stump, making our ear about 7 ft. high.  Heads will turn - when driving down 700 National Highway, for sure.  And I'm thinking everyone will be able to find us now.  It should be in place by Monday.

Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad have been running in and out of the house all day every day.  A girl can't get a decent day of sleep around here.  *Yawn*  Gracie.


  1. Good luck on your grand opening Bobbi!... I wish you all the best!... love your new header of sweet Gracie... kisses Gracie!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  2. poor Gracie,, she looks tired,, thats some big ear!Best wishes on the grand opening,

  3. Good luck to you on the opening!

  4. The ear will be awesome! I'm so glad it's working out, I bet it will get a whole lot more clients!!

  5. God bless you both on your grand opening. He is doing a fantastic job on the ear. It will become a real landmark! Poor Gracie; her daily schedule is being disturbed. Sending love and best wishes!

  6. I love the ear! Too bad you can't hook it up somehow so you can hear the comments of people as they are coming by it! :-)

    Gracie, you look like you could use a little sleep, haha!

  7. I LOVE the ear! It is so cool, and yes, he did a great job! I really do think it's gonna grab people's attention and capture their interest!

    Gracie, it's a cute ear, but not as adorable as your long, floppy ears!


  8. I LOVE it!!
    You're my only friend with their very own wooden EAR!!
    Good luck with the opening!

  9. AWWW Gracie, your so cute!
    Good luck with your grand opening. Exciting times indeed!

  10. Hello Bobbi!! Once again I have enjoyed catching up on your blog!! Its been another wild week (a puppy and a holiday do that!) so I'm glad I've gotten the chance to sit this afternoon and catch up on your news. Bobbi, I just love how the ear is coming along!! It takes talent to do that, because if I was going to carve it, who knows what it would look like!!

  11. Gracie - - Our cats didn't get much sleep this week either with us on vacation - - they didn't get their day time naps!
    That ear will definitely attract some attention. You could even post it on

  12. The ear looks great! I hope your grand opening went good!


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