Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Terror by Telemarketing

I value my peeps opinions...  so when some gave me advice on how to handle telemarketers, I thought...  sounds silly...  but what the heck.


CAll #1   Yea, go ahead and send me that $100 Walmart shopping card.   Thanks.    CLICK.

Call #2  OH NO!  OH MY GOSH! HELP ME!!!!!!

Call # 3  Oh, I'm okay lady, not to worry...  But please.  Quit calling this number.  I'm just not interested.  

Call # 4  **touches the dial pad #'s 8960405BEEP_BEEP_BEEP7949500302**

Call # 5  What?  You're not wanting me to touch the dial pad? It's annoying you? Well then quit calling me, please....  What?  a Walmart shopping spree?  Errrr....  ***973959389494949499949BEEP_ BEEP_BEEP88403848943****

Call #6  ***BEEP 7040468493BEEP849393****

thinking.  nothing is working.  6 calls in 15 minutes.  these telemarketing terrorists are having way too much fun with me.  so I get online and register both my cell# and my work # with the no call registry.

Call # 7  Listen!  Did you know that this number is on the national no-call registry?  And you're in big trouble!!!!!  CLICK.

Whew!!!  All in a days work.


  1. We've been registered with No Call ever since they started. It doesn't do much good, because so many are EXEMPT!!! Anyone who has EVER done business with you, any charities, police and cancer organizations, that's enough to keep the phone ringing most of the time!

  2. I SO love caller ID. I've been on the no call list from the beginning, but as Ginny said, there are so many who are exempt from it. And of course the politicians exempted themselves.

  3. It is so frustrating! When we moved in Feb. and had to get a new phone #, we were still receiving the last person's calls: one was daily recorded messages from the elementary school, and another from a church we do not attend!!!!! It took many weeks to get that corrected.

  4. I have discovered that most telemarketers usually hang up on me if I ask them how their personal relationship is with Jesus.

  5. I have caller ID, it helps a LOT, but with the work my DH does, if it looks like somebody he might know, I answer it. Usually if I know it's not somebody I want to bother with, I turn on the answering machine or answer and hang up. For some reason, my phone company won't put a blanket stop on 876 calls, these are the worst! The worst thing is the fact that I have to get up and look to see who is calling. I like my answering machine!

  6. Jus' tell dose stoopid peeps to hold on for a minute, lay da phone down, and nevers pick it up again.


  7. Great come backs but really, what we do is only answer the phone when we know who it is. Otherwise they can leave a message and we'll get back to them. Now, it might be difficult with your new business to not pick up the phone...that's a tough one!
    I despise telemarketers...

  8. We were so inundated with calls that we finally changed our phone number that we have had since we go married 25 years ago! We also made it an unlisted number. Pretty sad thing, but so far we get very few calls.

  9. Glad the hard work paid off!
    Maddy and Owen

  10. gee ,, i would have a head ache for sure

  11. Those calls and junk mail - what's a girl to do? I get so tired of both.

  12. caller ID, LOL, caller ID! If I don't recognize it, it doesn't get answered! I feel for them because I know they are trying to make a business, but I truly don't have the money to buy anything nor the time to listen to their sales pitch.


  13. Ooohhh those telemarketers can be sooo annoying! We've got Caller ID now, and just don't answer if we don't recognize the number. But I think your way was much more fun and hilarious.....One time someone said something funny to me just as I was answering a call from a telemarketer, and I couldn't help it, I just cracked up! And once I started laughing, I couldn't quit! It freaked him out!


  14. Because we have caller id, I don't answer any calls unless I recognize the number or who is calling. But since I read A Joyful Chaos's solution, I may just start answering.

  15. I hate them too we are registred on the do not call list too but evidently you have to re-register every so often.

    Hey Gracie how are you enjoying being an Office Assistant to Mom and Dad?
    Hugs Madi

  16. I use caller I.D., and on a good day start telling them all about my troubles and how glad I am they called....click

  17. I always say, "Man! I'm so glad you called me! I was just going to call you and ask for some money!" When I get those horrid survey calls, I say "Oh I love surveys! I'll start first. Number one, what is your favorite color? Number two, if you were a tree what kind would you be?" They don't like to play that game for some reason. One time I interrupted the telemarketer with, "Can you hold on for just a minute? " Then I set the phone down and got back to blogging. Pretty soon I heard his voice call my name and when I never answered back he hung up! Such sweet revenge! There are lots of ways to deal with these pests!

  18. I never answer my home phone. My parents and friends know to call my mobile. If it's unknown I don't answer. If it's that important they can leave a message. Those are some good come backs!


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