Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Days

Is everyone enjoying their summer?

I'm craving a vacation.  It's been too long.  
In the meantime, there's work to be done. 


  1. Very colorful picture! It has been such a HOT spring and summer here. I cannot imagine what August will be like!

    I know you are super busy and tired. Keep us posted, ok?

  2. No vacation for us either - yet.
    Perhaps in the early fall.

  3. Maybe you should have planned your opening a week later? I hope you find some free time for a short get-a-way. Do you open on Monday?

    It's so muggy outside that with glass on the back door has condensation on the outside! Is going to get worse. Not fond of deep Summer.

  4. A beautiful picture that really represents summer so well!! That looks like either a carpenter bee or a bumble bee, I enlarged the picture because it's so pretty.

  5. HI Bobbi,
    You should have gotten that vacation in before you opened the business. After you open one there is no vacations!! When I was a child after the first business when I was 8, there never was another.
    From then on it was just work 7 days a week. Of course it was a beach wagon that was there on the beach 364 days a year!!! Work work work!!!
    xx, Fern
    PS How's it doing?

  6. I am returning to work tomorrow after a week's vacation. Ugh!

  7. Work always interferes with play!
    Not fair!

  8. Will 'the new boss' let you take time off since you just started your job?

  9. Pretty picture! I am so ready for vacation but ours isn't until October.


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