Thursday, June 2, 2011


  "Bring the kids, we're going to a deer farm."

  Jake gives Rissie the high-five.

Then a big hug.

Jake:  "What's a deer farm?"

Let's all load into the back of the pickup...

Be careful everyone.  
And shhhh...  don't scare the deer.
Up over the mountain and through the gate.  
Wow!  Heaven on earth!!  And so quiet.

Rholand is going to go find one of the new babies for us to hold.  Quiet now...

Suddenly, an audience.  
Someone's concerned for her baby...

Watching from the back of the pickup truck
 as the deer come down to eat.

Funny, PopPop!

What a beautiful adventure!


  1. that was a beautiful adventure,, I just found you today,, I'm glad i did,, I love the title and meaning behind you blog,,

  2. Wow! What a sweet experience! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous of the little ones holding the baby. Thank you, Bobbi, for sharing - you put a smile on my face!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful pictures!!! So cute and sweet! What an amazing experience that they will never forget.

  4. love, love LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing y'all's fun adventure with the rest of us....

    the baby fawn is so precious, and I think the photo of Jake and Rissie on the log is just too cute.... the way Rissie has her skirt spread "just so" is adorable, and Jake's expressions show how much fun he was having....


  5. We sure can tell the kiddos loved this adventure!

  6. What a wonderful experience, and your photos are beautiful!... I love when children are taught early on to love and care for Nature and all of God's precious little creatures... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. What fun you all had and what memories to cherish! The sweet innocence of childhood and the wonder in their eyes... perfect!

  8. What beautiful deer. The kids will never forget holding that fawn!

  9. thanks for visiting,, I'm your newest follower,, Gracie is a sweetie,, I miss my little guy so I'll come here to visit,,

  10. thanks for visiting,, I'm your newest follower,, Gracie is a sweetie,, I miss my little guy so I'll come here to visit,,

  11. The kids are so cute and you know they will remember this day for a long time. Gracie, Samson loved your comment.

  12. what a fun adventure! I can see why you enjoyed it so much! your grands seemed to enjoy it equally as well!


  13. Bobbi, in the rush and craziness of my week, I've missed your blog posts a couple of times, and missed your big announcement--I am excited for you!!! And while I know it may be daunting for you at the same time, I have a feeling it's going to be a wonderful and rewarding chapter in your lives!! ~Congrats!!~

    I also think a trip to the deer farm is a perfect place to clear your thoughts and just enjoy yourself!!

  14. Very precious pictures of those delightful smiles. I think the deer are beautiful but there are blogger friends up north who have 'nuisance' deer. They ruin flowers, gardens, and carry ticks with bad diseases. Two dogs are on medications now because of it and one lost her dog to the disease. But they are still beautiful creatures to me.

  15. What a neat place! Looks like so much fun!

    We found a fawn in our yard last weekend. Of course I had my iPhone with camera and didn't think to take a picture. It was late at night and I was so worried it was injured. But it was more scared than anything. It was so small! Then we heard Mom in the woods and went on about our walk. When we got back it was gone.


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