Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yard Sale Finds and Mr. Long Legs

Sharing Just a few of my yard sale finds today.

I loved this lazy susan set designed with dried flowers, trivet and napkin holder.

Gary has an eye for unusual things.  He was thrilled to pay $3 for this tub of old bottles that an elderly lady had in her basement for years.

The purple boom box is for Rissie.  She loves purple.  Only $1.50 and it looks brand new!!

$3 for this container filled with nuts, bolts, screws, and ...

tiny perfume bottles...

I love this basket!  Anything with color...

Baskets.  color.  Love it!!

The same elderly lady who had the bottles, sold us this watch for $2.

I like blue.

After yard sales I worked a little outside, spreading this bark mulch.  Some of my flowers are starting to come up...
I set a daddy long leg free...  The only spider I won't kill... usually.  As a child I was always led to believe they are harmless and good spiders hence the 'daddy' part of it's name.  Daddy's are good.  So daddy long leg's must be good.  
When Mr. Long Legs found his way into my hair and was hanging half way down my face taunting me with his wiggling long legs, I had no choice but to scream first, throw him to the ground and stomp on him.  
I had to kill him.


  1. Rissie is going to love the purple boom box! I love the old watch and the bottles especially. One of my blog friends makes lavender water (using her own plants) and puts it in old bottles like this. They would also be fun for Rissie to fill with sand!
    Give Gracie a hug from Harriet. Hope you all have a good Sunday with no spiders!!!

  2. Oh, dear me, I really love the old bottles!... and that watch.... I really love that watch.... does it work? Clamp style band? You going to sell it? Let me know......... It's so me! That pottery basket is about as cute as can be, candy size or more like for peaches? I never find anything decent or reasonably priced when I go yard saling. You did really well!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time. I told my daughter who is about to buy a house that she needs to go to yard sales and find stuff. What will you do with all the bottles? Keep them or sell them for a profit? I vote for the latter idea.

  4. What awesome finds!!!! Today was a huge day for yard sales here, too. The whole neighborhood had one huge sale, too. But we didn't make it to any of them. LOVE the baskets!!! The boom box, she will love it!! And all the other things, what great deals!!

  5. lots of great things you got!! garage sales are always fun to go to; I like to see what people are putting out for others to buy.

    enjoy all your treasures!


  6. WOW! You two certainly 'cleaned up'! Yes, the bottles and the screws looked impressive....and the watch, the pressed flowers, the colourful basket....all of it! Good huntin'!
    Poor My Long Legs....could have known better to mess with you!

  7. You sure found some good stuff!

  8. You made me laugh, with the poor Mr. Long Legs. I know what you felt, I am also very afraid of spiders.

    And, did you know that, actually, the Long Legs are poisonous? They only do not cause us harm because their "fangs" (?) are too small for them to be able to bite us?

    I loved your yard sale "treasures". That lazy susan is something else!

    Have a great Sunday, Bobbi!

  9. I so love those old bottles! Great find. My husband would be giddy if he made a find like all those nuts and bolts and things.

  10. hahaha! Girl, that last bit about the spider was hilarious! My thoughts exactly....

    Isn't "Junkin' and yard salin'" fun? Looks like y'all got some pretty cool stuff, too.

    I could do all sorts of things with those bottles, and the baskets! Also love the blue pitcher set.... so "beachy/summery" looking... needs to be filled with icy cold tea or lemonade....

    What a fun post today!

  11. Bobbi, what great finds!!! I'm so jealous, and it makes me want to go out to a few yard sales and see if I can find any treasures like yours!!

  12. Great finds! I love those old bottles!


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