Monday, June 6, 2011


What a beautiful Monday Morning we're having here in Western Maryland.  
I had a great weekend how about you?

Everywhere I go to make a purchase anymore... whether it be fast food or a retail purchase, as I'm ready to hand over my money - I'm asked the question...  "Do you want to donate a dollar to the blah blah blah?"

First of all, I donate to charities I feel moved to donate to.  I do not need someone to ask me if I will give.  Secondly, what about the poor woman or man who has $3 to buy a gallon of milk and no more - don't you think they might be embarrassed by the cashier asking them if they want to donate a dollar to the blah blah blah?  

If I gave a dollar to every cashier that asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar to blah blah blah... 

 I'd have to ask for donations myself.  

Don't get me wrong.  Asking for donations is a good thing, but putting people on the spot> making them feel embarrassed if they do not give > doesn't seem right to me.



  1. I so agree with you Bobbi. It's the same here....and trust me I give plenty to charity, the ones I like and when I like to donate and am able to donate....not that a dollar here and a dollar there....

  2. Hi Bobbi... I totally agree with you. I donate to alot of animal causes, but it is because I choose to... many of the places stores are asking for donations for I have never even heard of!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Totally agree with you on this subject! I hate hearing "do you want to donate your change to blah, blah" so I try to have change and count it out to the penny. I don't feel I should donate to some other school's band etc. I have my favorite charities - they get my money.

    BTW, where can you get milk for $3 a gallon?

  4. Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi!!! I havent been visiting blogs lately. So much going on. I missed the June 1st post. Oh Happy Day!!! I wish you and hubby the very best in your new business venture. You have guts to "GO FOR It"... My hubby and I did it in our 50's and we were never sorry. Good luck to you both. Love Lady Jane

    Ps I totally agree with the "would you like to give a dollar thing".

  5. Hey Sharon... I stand corrected. Gary does the grocery shopping (bless his heart) and I had no idea a gallon of milk was over $4. Wow!

  6. One more that totally agrees with you, Bobbi. Specially when you mention the poor person that has the exact money to pay for something.

    The problem is - and I have witnessed it - that the stores' managers demand the cashiers ask the question! I've seen it at a famous "Walsomething"... you know who?

    At the end of the "deal" the "Walsomething" was the one that "donated" the money for the charity, with pictures hanging on the board for everyone to see. (!!!)

  7. Great point, I agree. Oh, and I read your post yesterday and I love garage sales too. Haven't had a chance to go to any yet this summer though. Need to hold one ourselves, too!

  8. yep, the whole "donate thing" can be annoying... I, too, donate to several causes that are important to me....
    Speaking of pricey groceries, we like to make stuffed bell peppers, and they are sooo expensive right now! At the store the other day, a man ahead of me actually told the cashier he couldn't afford the sack of four bell peppers he was about to purchase, when he learned the price!

    so now instead of "stuffing" five individual peppers, we are chopping a couple up in the rice and meat for flavor......

    Having to come up with a lot of ways to stretch the dollar right now.


  9. I had just mentioned this same subject to John. Like many of you, we donate to whom we want when we can and I do not appreciate cashiers asking - most of the time, I am not even familiar with the charity and who knows what portion of the donation actually goes to them?
    I love your pretty pictures.

  10. Love the pictures of your beautiful yard!! You are so right about the store donations!!!

  11. I totally agree with you and more often than not I just say no and go on.

  12. Bobbi I'll jump on that soapbox with you. Just yesterday I was asked that very question at a book store, drug store and grocery store. I 100% agree with you, I give where I see the need.
    Your pictures are very pretty.
    Madi and Mom

  13. I agree with you too. And i loved the last photo of the flowers and I assume it was your house.

  14. LOVE the pics of the flowers in the field. Like you, I too give to the causes I choose and don't generally give at stores.

  15. Add me to the list of those who agree with you!!

  16. We agree with you 100 percent!

  17. I see what you are saying, Bobbi, one can get "donation to death" so to speak. I actually don't mind giving the dollar here and there to most charities; I feel a bit funny sometimes giving it to causes to save a particular wildlife habitat, but anything to do with children, I'm right there trying to help or if it is something to help the homeless or the hungry. I'm just so grateful I have that dollar to give; maybe I won't tomorrow but today I do and I'm not tooting my horn by saying this but sometimes I'll even volunteer to give the donation before asked.

    my weekend was nice, busy but nice :)

    And I can see why someone could be embarrassed if they don't have the money. However, I have also seen people with their shopping carts full of things with a Starbucks coffee in their hands and not paying by food stamps, reluctant to give. We helped out with a food drive at our old church a few years back, asking people before they went shopping to consider getting an item or two on the list we had (nonperishables) to donate to the local food bank. What touched me was the guy who came out with four bags, he gave three to the food bank, wished he could do more, said he would pray for the food to go far. Then we had those with full carts not giving anything. I think if one has a heart to give, they will give no matter how little they have to give especially if it is a cause that touches their heart whether they give at the grocery store, their church, or all the other worthy causes out there


  18. I totally agree!


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