Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here's To June the 1st

Okay, faithful readers.  Yes, I'm talking about those of you who followed my boring job history through the years and up to this point in "Women and Work".

 You might remember that my dream of the perfect life was that I not have to work, but that I could be a stay at home housewife and mom.  Well...  that didn't happen so I just had to make the best of it.

One of the most valuable lessons my mom and dad taught me,  was to work hard and never burn bridges.  Dad was  an electrician at a brick yard.  He helped our neighbors and friends out by doing their electrical work for free when he wasn't working at his real job and yes, we were always poor.  Mom had seven kids and worked in a sewing factory.  The cereal we had for supper some nights wasn't only because we were poor...  but because she was dog tired at the end of the day as well.

 It doesn't matter what you do in life...  whether you flip burgers or are president of a country...  there's a place for everyone...  and everyone is needed.  

Ecclesiastes 9:10  Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.  

I've been unhappy in my job for quite some time now... for   several reasons. (yes, you can read about my ranting there...)

Finally In September of last year I decided to do something about it.   I mentioned it in this blog remember?

Amidst the doubt that crept in on occasion, (I am 56 years old - I should be thinking of retiring, not starting a business), God reminded me of Sarah who conceived and gave birth though she was up in years...  glad I'm not Sarah **Yikes!**  but what I'm getting at is - Age is just a number.  

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce to you....

All About Hearing, LLC

It's not been easy, holding down one job while working on starting a home based business.  There's been a lot of red tape,  licenses, tax stuff, creating accounts with suppliers, getting inventory into the office, and just plain hard work.  But since Gary has been feeling  much better, we've been able to work as a team on this and our plan has finally came to fruition.

The hardest part:  Telling my boss I was leaving.  He offered me complete control of Miracle Ear - advertising, pricing etc.  if I stayed.    He even said he'd reimburse me the money I have already put into my new business.  Basically, he offered me the world.  I hated being faced with this decision.  I was hoping he'd show me the door immediately, the way he does with most other specialists when they decide to venture out on their own as his competitor.

Should I stay at a safe job where I'm pretty much my own boss and guaranteed to make $50,000 + a year OR should I continue with plans for my own business with no guarantees?

To make a long story short...  I decided to take the leap of faith.  But I did tell my boss I'd stay on at Miracle Ear for another month yet, to give him more time to decide what he wants to do with the store.

All About Hearing's Grand opening will have to wait another month.  But... of course I couldn't leave you hanging.  So I thought I'd share what we've done so far.  Enjoy!

Rissie sits on what used to be a doorway to the  kitchen, bedroom, bath and laundry room in our adjoining apartment... the one we turned into our office.
This is that same doorway... now shelves and a wall that separates the other part of the apartment from the reception area.

The reception area.  Don't mind the junk piled on the left.  Still working on it.  These chairs we got at a church closing sale.  The flowers, a yard sale.  The table, Gary made in shop when he was in high school.
My desk and work area.  Once again, we're still working on things.  Excuse any mess.

Testing Room.  The audiometer was purchased on Ebay for just $2,300.  It was only used 2X. It's Like new!!  

Lab Coat

Is the ear too tacky?  

Our house is a double house.  This was once an apartment and we rented it to a sweet elderly lady.  When she moved out, we kept it for visiting relatives.  We turned 1/2 of this apartment into our office and the other half is an efficiency apartment which can be entered through the adjoined garage and through the laundry room.  I'll show you that another time.

Some of our inventory

Important signage

The ad that will run in the phone book.

Business Card

Now all we need are customers!

We're looking at a July 6 Grand Opening.  We'll be selling mostly Siemens Hearing aids since Siemens is the same manufacturer of the hearing aids I sell now.

Thank you, my friends... you've made this venture even more exciting for me and I appreciate all of your kindness, love, prayers, and positive thoughts. 


  1. The ear is attention grabbing-- if some set out to look for your office but have never been there, that ear will clue them in. It looks unusual, but it should stay, me thinks!!!

    About your business, are you only going to make ear molds and sell hearing aids, or are you doing testing for the level of hearing/deafness? In clinics, this testing room is suffocating, black with big foam inside steel doors... a little monkey that claps his hands with cymbals in the corner and a window for the "priosner" to see the hearing specialist. What will you be using in place of that weird room?

  2. LOL. That was funny - Furry Bottoms. I have a testing room that is bright and sunny, and will be using ear inserts which drown out sound. No need for that crazy suffocating room you were talking about.

  3. Aah! I was right! Your past posts had all the earmarks (pun intended) of you having your own business! It looks great and I am sure it will be better than you have imagined!

    Congratulations! Best wishes to you both! It looks really neat!

  4. Congratulations. Good for you! Everything looks great and I wish you much success! Keeping you both in my prayers, Bobbi.

  5. I never would have guessed this is what you were planning on doing.
    But I applaud you for chasing after a dream and "Flying with the Eagles."
    You are brave.
    Your set up looks sharp and attractive, and happy!

  6. Oh, GOSH, I NEVER would have guessed!!!! I am so happy for you, congratulations!!! So Gary has some experience, too? Your waiting room is just beautiful, so uncluttered, spacious, and refined!! Everything looks so professional!! I don't see ANY mess!! We are friends with a couple in their 70's and they sold their beautiful huge ranch house at the country club to buy an old fixer-upper farm house and start a Bed & Breakfast and a gift shop. In their 70's!!! I love your cards and your sharp lab coats!!! And even the ear!! I wish everything for you, only the best. And I am so happy to see that you are doing an outreach with your Christian touches all around!!! Many blessing to your new venture, Bobbi!!!

  7. love the ear!! I think it is neat you are venturing out on your own, Bobbi, I am sure you will do well!! Waiting another month until you officially open will go by so fast too! I have to laugh, I finally figured it out this afternoon when I was walking Koda and thinking that tomorrow is June 1st. It came to me "she's opening her own business". Slow learner here LOL!

    all looks great; looking forward to hearing of your success in the months to come!


  8. This is SO AMAZING!!! I am so excited for you. Good for you for taking the leap of faith and following your dreams. And can I just say that you have inspired me! I am not very happy in my job either and I keep thinking there must be something else out there ...it is so easy to let time pass and let your dreams go with it. Good for you for taking a leap of faith!

    Kristin (Pip's mom)

  9. Awesome! You go girl! Now I'm thinking, to bad Ralph just got new hearing aids, he could have gone to you! Long trip though, hehe.

  10. Woof! Woof! Lots of Golden CONGRATS!!!! Golden CLAPS for you. I hope you have a chance to read my post today(Wednesday) check out 2) ... Truly a wonderful feeling. My mom did it 4 years ago. Wishing you Lots of Golden LUCK!.Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. WAY TO GO BOBBI!!!!
    Everything you've learned along life's path lead you to this very spot...IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!
    Your waiting room, office and everything else is beautiful and the tabel Gary made is the topping on the cake!!

    Big Hug and GOOD LUCK...I think the ear is a nice touch.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  12. Congratulations to you and Gary Bobbi!... I am happy your dream is coming true!... everything looks just beautiful... I guess I am the only one so far who does not care for the ear on the wall though... I would put a beautiful little songbird, letting your customers know that they can hear it's beautiful song... just my opinion... I would want them to feel comfortable about a hearing aid and have something pretty to remind them it will be wonderful hearing such pretty sounds... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. Oh Ms. Bobbi, I am so darn proud of you fur taking da leap...dis is so exciting!
    Ya'll did such an amzing job on da office and everything! It looks so good! And I seriosly love all your signs and your EAR...OMD...I loves dat da bestest!
    Hey, does ya'll helps withs selective hearing?

    PS: just cuz you asked me to...I tolded mum I was sorry:)
    And I always knew I liked zGracie furs a reason...hehehehe!

  14. Hi Bobbi, Congrat's on this new venture and on following your desire and the Lord's leading. Wish you were near me-I'd come cause I know hubby and I have some hearing loss-due to all the music from the 60's & 70's-lol, but seriously as our generation gets older there will be a lot of people who need your help.
    God's blessings to you & Gary.

  15. Bobbi,
    I wondered if it was getting a new job only because you talked of all your jobs and so leaned toward that, but never thought of opening a brand new business!
    How thrilling! it looks so lovely and you know what? I like the ear because it puts the person at ease and will add a smile to somone who is anxious and uncertain.
    Super business card/ad for the phone book...
    I'm very proud of you!

  16. I couldn't leave a comment this morning, but now it seems OK. I had tears in my eyes when I read this earlier. I am so happy for you and wish you and Greg all the success in the world. You have done a fabulous job on the space. It looks so inviting and professional at the same time.

    We use Advantix on the dogs. Actually, we didn't use anything for a couple of years and no fleas appeared up here. But then Soldier got a tick last year, so we will get it and apply it to them again.

  17. At last the suspense is finally over.. whew! I am so excited for y'all....and I think the office looks not only professional, but welcoming, too... and I like those big 'ol ears.

    From what I have learned of you, I think it is not only beautiful, but just like you to still be serving and helping others.....

    I wish y'all great success! And will keep y'all in my prayers...

  18. Congratulations Bobbi! I hope your new business is a big success.

    And by the way, the big ear is very cool looking. One of my old aunts had ears about the size of that one. She was very cool too :-)

  19. Always remember:
    A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

    Seriously remember:
    We all are here to love you, and support you.

  20. That is just awesome, Bobbi! Your place looks great! I am praying that you have lots of success!


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