Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Melting Away

I took a long lunch today. 

 I have a plan...  but I can't reveal what it is just yet.  Maybe spring.  But I had to brave the downtown Cumberland Mall in mid 90 degree temperatures to get to my destination and retrieve the information I need to move forward with my plan.

It was hot! Ick! I wasn't dressed for the heat.  I thought I'd have a meltdown.   

Obviously Mr. Scarecrow was quite out of his element and had a meltdown of his own.  Autumn shouldn't blast scorching temperatures like today's.  Isn't it against the rules?  

But who was Mr. Scarecrow to complain?

But God sent a shower soon after....

... and then a rainbow.

I'm looking forward to sweater weather.


  1. I know I live in TN, but the length of the Summer heat is pure unnatural! I'm waiting for some cooling too! Lucky you to get a little rain! Nice rainbow, BTW...

  2. Hope it comes soon for you! A plan eh? M-M-M


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