Monday, May 23, 2011

Women and Work Job #3

Job # 3

The years glided by and I got married and started a family.  I had moved on to a different sewing factory, one that paid more and there I sewed baby clothes.  Since I was a good, hard worker, the boss had no problem hiring me back after I would quit for a while to care for my babies.  It was an on again/off again job>  It's not easy working full time when babies need to be cared for at home.  I never burned my bridges though, and was always welcomed back after a leave of absence.

The girls threw a surprise baby shower
for me just weeks before I gave birth to my first.  

I couldn't get my scanner to work right, so sorry
for the backwards photo.  

The finest shift I ever had was 11PM to 7AM.  I could work all night, then be home during the day with my newest baby, Lindsey.  We didn't have to pay a sitter.

My dear sister, Lindy lived next door and told me, "If you ever need me to keep Lindsey while you get some sleep...  just bring her over."

One morning after I had taken the boys to school, I laid on the sofa and put my infant daughter beside of me on the floor... and I closed my eyes.  When I opened my eyes a while later, she was gone!!!  I was frantic at first, then ran to Lindy's house next door.   I had been so tired, that I didn't remember taking her over  there...  and no, I did not take drugs of any kind.  I was just exhausted and tired.

The next day I gave my two week notice at work...

To Be Continued....


  1. Girl, my mum knows just how dat exhaustion is fur takin' cares of newborns! Mum don't rememebrs half of da furst 3 months of My Girls life cuz her was so tired...and hers only had one child to care fur so I can't imagine how you was even functionung. You is a super hero!


  2. Bobbi, it's such fun learning more about your life... you are a hard -working lady!

    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Texas Hugs

  3. I remember to kinda tough days! Of wonder how I got through them. lol

  4. Hi Bobbi, I'm enjoying your posts re early jobs and raising a family.

    Hope you have had a good start to this week. Love to you and Gracie.

  5. I remember being that exhausted with a newborn at home. The first 6 weeks were a blur. I tell all new moms they won't remember the first 6 weeks because they will be so tired they would be operating on auto pilot just like you.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Yep, newborns are exhausting. I was lucky to stay home for the first two years of my daughter's life. Going back to work was tough on all of us (including Pip) - wish I could be home full time, but that's life I guess!

    Kristin (Pip's mom)

  7. My first son was easy, next to my second. By the time Don came we had a gas station and I worked there everyday while in the last 6 months of pregnancy. The night he was born I had worked all day. I was in the hospital 4 days with Don. On that first day my then hubby came and got me and our new son and took me by the station saying it would only be a minute and the minute lasted 7 hours before that new born got to his new home!!!
    It was a very hard life for us when we were young wasn't it!!
    Thanks for your visit Bobbi.
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  8. I can see this happening with you falling asleep after working all night; I'm sure you spent so many of that time sleep deprived! I remember with my youngest who never slept, lying many a night on the couch with him in my arms and I remember one time thinking I had dropped him, but it was only a dream I was having at the time (or nightmare I imagine)

    looking forward to reading more

    (I have to post as anonymous because Blogger is causing me many problems these days, LOL, commenting on people's blogs with their comment box embedded ont their posts)


  9. Babies are hard, but so worth it! I love sleeping with my babies, that makes me not quite so tired since I can just nurse without dragging myself out of bed.

  10. I love working third shift! But I still couldn't imagine working it with kids. I need my 8 hours of sleep...LOL!


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