Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Hope ~ And Then... The Sun

Sometimes it seems as though the rain will never stop.  All of the seeds that were once planted seemed to have been planted on stoney ground and thwarted,  leaving little hope for the future.

And then, out of nowhere, 
the sun ~ and a sigh of relief 


And peace in knowing that all of your 
labor was not in vain.

Dear Diary,

Restless nights find me sleeping under the bed and sometimes behind the chair in the living room.  I start out in the middle of the bed of course ~ I don't want Mom and Dad to think any thing's wrong or that I don't love them anymore.  I know how much they despise enjoy me sleeping in bed with them.  I wouldn't want to let them down, especially after they took such good care of me during my sickies.  
Mom says I'm going to get groomed on Thursday.  I could've swore she groomed me a few nights ago after I'd just jumped up into bed - when she showed up with scissors and started snipping and chopping at my face muttering little smart remarks like 'gracie, you're such a mutt' and 'this puke in your beard is gross'.  You'd think she'd just be glad I'm alive considering the fact that I was at deaths door sick as a dog for so long.  Gracie.


  1. You gets to SLEEP in da big bed?????
    Girl, you so has it made...I has to sleeps in a jail cell while my brudder sleeps in da big bed!

    Seriously, your mom should just be glad you is alive...hehehe...prolly shouldn't tells her I said dat though.


  2. Hi Gracie, I'm so glad that you are all better and hopefully this will never happen again! You will feel much better when you get back from the groomers and then you can sleep on the bed. Reggie sleeps on mine and let me tell you he hogs it.
    Happy Tails to you.
    Noreen & Reggie dog

  3. Gracie
    I know your will be happy eventually that you got your curly locks all groomed.
    You will get more kissys,, cause your mama will think you are cuter.
    I do not think you can get any cuter,,, but moms are different.
    I think you deserve to be in the big bed with your mom and dad...
    and yes,, they are thankful you are all well now

  4. Oh I like the photos of the little growing things.... it truly is a miracle how they just push up from the earth.... there was nothing there, and then, a pretty green plant is "born".

    Gracie, just have some patience with Mom... a lot of us wierd humans just have this strange fascination with cleanliness.... **Smiles**

    I am so glad you are on the mend, you cute little fuzzy dog, you!

  5. Woof! Woof! Sending you Lots of Golden LOVE ... delighted to hear you are getting better. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. I think it's considerate of you, Gracie, to give them room to sleep especially now that the nights are getting warmer. Remember that the parents are getting older and short-term memory can begin to fail so you will just have to lick your belly occasionally to remind them about your surgery. And Gracie, about the grooming - - - they just want your looks to be as good as your health!

  7. One of things I love most about Spring is that everything just comes alive!

    Poor Gracie, your Mom is just trying to make you look better! You don't want all that yuck in your fur!


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