Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Each His Own

Yesterday on Judge Judy a Lady sued a taxidermist. She wanted her dog stuffed but poseable so that she could dress it and take it on bike rides!  She had paid him $300 deposit but unfortunately he wasn't getting the job done as quickly as she thought he should.  She took the dog back, and now has the dog in her freezer awaiting cremation.  

I cannot imagine my Gracie's lifeless body just laying around the house with cold empty eyes.  I would cry every day and never be able to move on.  

To each his own I guess. 

Hubby brought me some Buffalo Cheddar Kettlecorn.  It was hot but the more I ate, the more I liked it.  I guess it's an acquired taste.   I had it sitting beside me on the chair, moved the wrong way and ....  

I guess I wasn't supposed to eat this
 hot popcorn after all.


  1. EW! I hope Judge Judy suggested a little counseling or something to that lady!

    Nope, guess you weren't supposed to eat that stuff - might have made you sick or have nightmares, LOL!

    Have a good night!

  2. yeah, I can't imagine having a stuffed pet around the house that was once alive. Not for me, I guess.

    LOL with the popcorn, I've done that too many times too, but depending on where they fall, I just pick them right up (three second rule)and eat them...specially if some fell on top of others...then I just carefully pick the ones on top.

  3. That lady needs some help with letting go. That is really creepy!! Judge Judy should have sent her to counseling.

  4. I couldn't have any of my pets taxidermied, it would make me sad to see them like that...I like the three second rule also and it's hot, so it would kill off any germs anyway...LOL!

  5. not to be too morbid, but we were just talking about this about Koda the other day, what would we do if we had to do what we don't want to do? And we both agreed having him stuffed and on display was not what we wanted. that popcorn does sound interesting; I'm sure you had to make sure Gracie didn't help herself to it on the floor


  6. YUCK! Having one's pet stuffed is just wierd in my book....

    We LOVE Popcorn Indiana popcorn... it's so good.

    Have an awesome night,

  7. Wells, I thinks dat lady has some serious issues her needs professional help withs. In my expert opinion it be kinda morbid to (1) have your dog stuffed and (2) stick in da freezer. Judge Judy should have just went ahead and called da people to bring hers a white jacket.

    Popcorn! I likes popcorn. And you has to acquire da taste of beer too...hehehehehe!


  8. Oh yucky on the stuffed doggie! But my sis says she is gonna stuff my mom's a$$ and put her on the mantle when she croaks!Sis is a sicko I say! lol licky kisses, Billy

  9. I'm with you on the notion of having my dog stuffed. It sounds horrendous. I can't imagine anyone wanting to do something so absurd.

  10. Yeah okay, that lady sure is off her rocker. Dress it up and take it on bike rides?????

    That popcorn sounds too spicy for me, I'll take some pretzel m&ms though!

  11. There are some pretty weird peeps out there and JJ gets them all....popcorn...mmm!

  12. Oh Crap...I hate when something like that happens; makes me so annoyed.

    No, I can't even imagine doing that to a pet; you are right...to each his own, but goodness gracious, YUCK!

  13. Hi there, I'm with you-if I had one of my pups stuffed after it passed over I'd cry forever. I do have a friend who is traveling for several weeks and mentioned if her dog(very old & ready)passed that she would tell the dog sitter to put her in the freezer outsdie. Oh my-how weird is that. Couldn't do that either.
    Have a nice week.
    Noreen & Reggie-dog

  14. I LOVE popcorn and eat it almost every night. I make it air popped and then put real melted butter over it. YUM!

  15. Hi Bobbi! I'm catching up on your posts that I've missed and will comment here that I'm with you on this whole issue--I remember when one of our dogs passed away at home on a Sunday night. It was agony until we could get him to the vet...

    (PS: Tell Gracie I voted for her today)

  16. The whole stuffing thing is really strange! I love my kitties and I think they deserve the same respect in their death as a human. We've buried a few and have bought headstones for them. I am also all for cremation.


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