Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can You Overdose on That?

This day was overflowing with cuteness.  Can you overdose on that?  If so...  I'm in big trouble.  
After a great church service and a wonderful dinner at Warners German Restaurant, we went to visit my uncle in the nursing home.  

Then, (and this is when it gets good) we stopped to see both of the Grandkids.  I sure do miss them if I don't see them in a while.  

First stop, Jake...  who is quite the entertainer.  He read me two books.  Green Eggs and Ham, and Go, Dog Go, then he jumped into Gary's lap and hugged him saying 'I love you Pappy.'  What did I tell you about the cuteness?

 Then he sang this little song for us.

So then it was off to visit Princess Rissa.  She waited outside for us in her princess attire complete with crown, heels and a big smile.  Gary immediately started blowing bubbles...   Let the fun begin.  

Today was spring-like.  
Time to come out of hibernation.    

Who wouldn't love this day?

Dear Diary,

Gracie stay out of the mud.  Gracie stop smelling that other dogs poop.  Gracie it's gross to have your nose all over that fire hydrant.  Gracie stop picking fights with other dogs.  You act like you never get out.


I haven't been on a real walk all winter.  
Let me enjoy this, lady!  
This is what us dogs do.  

Oh, and thanks for the walk. Gracie.


  1. they are so precious, he sounds adorable singing twinkle twinkle little star, too cute. And the little princess looks just like you, did you look like her when you were a little girl?
    What a wonderful day!

  2. I agree with Maria, the princess looks just like you. It sounds as if you had a beautiful day. Wishing you many more.

  3. You never told us Bobbi that you have Royalty in your family roots!!!

  4. They are so sweet you could go into a diabetic coma if you get too much of them! Seriously, they are both adorable. How do you stand to be away from them?!!
    Hooray for Gracie getting outside on a walk. The weather has been so prety, you probably feel like running!!!!

  5. These pictures are just adorable!!! I don't think I've ever seen Jake before? I have a video camera on my regular camera, with voice, but don't know how to get it on the computer, then onto YouTube. Do you have to put it on YouTube before you can put it on your blog?

  6. Hi Gracie... it's me, Tessy!... today I took my mom for a walk... she can hardly keep up with me... I LOVE to go really FAST!... on a leash, of course... maybe we can email back and forth, if our moms ever stay off the computer???... your people look nice!... BIG doggie kisses, your friend Tessy

  7. I've needed a moment of cuteness today and you've just given it to me!! 'Your Princess' is really beautiful and has such an infectious smile, I couldn't help but smile too! :-D !!

    Charlie and Gracie really do have a lot in common, don't they?

  8. I haven't heard anything on overdosing on cuteness, but I don't think the dosage you got was fatal.

    Jake is, of course, loaded with little boy cuteness, and adorable, and is a darling!

    Marissa, what can I say, she is the epitome of "Charming", it's in her genes!

    Then there is Gracie, she is a bunch of cuddle-some cuteness! I hope she can have another walk tomorrow!

    You really did have a great day!

  9. I love that your grands call your husband Pappy. That was our name for our paternal grandfather. Actually that what all his 13 children called him too.

  10. What precious blessings; such sweet pictures. Gracie, I'm happy you could walk today. Wishing you all a great week.

  11. Kids and dogs is always da bestest kind of entertainment! ANd it's free...umless they ask furs da latest Barboe or video game...hehehe!

    Gracie, I feel your pain! It seems likes furever (yesterday) since I has been on a walk. But, it's been like 70 degrres heres so I am looking forward to more walks.


  12. Dat was suppose to say Barbir and NOT Barboe!


  13. good golly, I did it know what I mean...BARBIE!

  14. I'm so glad I popped in on your post today, because I love all this cuteness! First of all, Gracie is as cute as can be. Oh, and my Kelly must be thinking the same thing because her walks have been brief this winter too. We can't wait for spring. Your grandkids are adorable. You can tell how much they love their grandparents. How far away do they live? I hope all that cuteness and love stays with you throughout the week.

  15. What an adorable post, everyone is sooo cute and that goes for you, hubby and Gracie too.--Inger

  16. Hi Bobbi,
    Your Grand kids are just so so cute!! Kim said it first but the pictures made me smile!!!! I surely can see family resemblance.... I wish I could have heard your Grandson sing but on dial up you don't see or hear videos.
    Gracie is not spoiled in my book!! Just loved!!!
    Thanks so much for your friendship Bobbi !!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  17. Two little charmers ready to charm you guys at a minutes notice...PERFECT!

  18. PS...Gracie...keep buggin' them will ya...I needs to know about the fire hydrant!

  19. Oh Bobbi, no I don't think you can overdose on cuteness...gosh, you certainly had your share. Jake is an adorable little boy and did you know he has your eyes and your smile?
    Little Rissa is so very precious! He eyes dance with joy! Gracie sounds so much like Hurricane...some days I tolerate his 'gross dog behavior' better than other days but hey, I guess she's right; it is what dogs do!
    Have a blessed day!

  20. Bobbi what a great post...and there is no such thing as too much cuteness from the G-children.
    Oh they are just precious!!! I don't know how you keep from hugging them too tight.

    Gracie.. bless your heart you are trying to deliver all your pee-mail and read your pee mail...what is up with the mom?
    Hugs Madi

  21. They is definitely lots of cuteness there! I don't think that kind of overdose would be a bad thing. :0)

    Gracie, spring is coming! Hopefully there will be more walks in your near future!


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