Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who's Phil?

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!!!

 Today also happens to be my sons fiancee's birthday 
"Happy birthday Jessica!" 

and Sophie's birthday
 "Happy birthday Sophie Doodle" 

Today I'm lovin' Phil.  No shadow.  
Early spring.  I can dig it.

Do I believe that stuff?  Not really. 

But next month is Spring. 

 The calendar says so.  

Gracie:  "Where's Phil?"

"Who's Phil?"

"I'm confused..."

"Why are you laughing at me?"

"Is Phil our new neighbor?"


  1. Yep, in about 6 weeks we will have the last (hopefully) snow storm and usher in Spring with a tornado! (hopefully NOT!) But you never know...

    Love Gracie's pictures, she must have slept really good last night!

  2. I don't believe this stuff either, but I can think that spring is almost here!! Way to go, Phil!!!

  3. i think you should ask gracie when she thinks spring will get here. i'll bet her prediction is as good as phils!!!

  4. Oh Gracie, you are too cute!... I think I will go with whatever Gracie says rather than Phil... Gracie... is Spring coming soon?... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. What a fun post...I love the looks on Gracie's face and the quips!
    Nah, I don't beleive in that stuff; gosh, how simple life would be, yes? but it's always fun!
    have a great day!

  6. Why Gracie, You are just such an adorable little girl! You keep watchin out for that Phil!

  7. Gracie, you are a puff ball of perfect beauty!!

    Happy Birthday to Jessica!

  8. Oh Gracie YOU ARE making me crazy!!! you cute little thing you!

  9. Happy Birthday Jessica!!
    Gracie Mom's say the craziest things sometime...we just have to love them until they come to their senses.

    Hugs Madi

  10. Happy Birthday to Jessica & Sophie!! Let's hope that Phil is right and now more of this winter stuff!! Stay warm until spring! xoxo Jada

  11. 3 cheers for Phil....1-2-3 yeah! Thanks for the birthday wishes and card...perfect day! ATB!

  12. Very cute, "Who's Phil?" pics!!!

  13. I love the pictures of Gracie! Our local groundhog saw his shadow. Bleh! We are going with Phil's forecast!


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