Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everything Is Fine

Sometimes I think about Gracie getting old, blind and crippled and my heart breaks.  I'll wipe tears from my face just thinking about how she'll no longer be able to run like the wind chasing after balls and how she wont be able to jump two feet into the air without much effort.
I'll be there to take care of her...  to lift her onto the bed that she once jumped onto with what I would refer to as 'springs for paws'.  I'll hold her in my arms and cry into her fur, hating that she has to be anything less than the rambunctious dog that was once full of life.  

Dear Diary,

Mom's been in bed for two weeks now.  Today she got up and got dressed in clothes instead of her gown and robe.  I was excited!  She told me my eyes were dancing and sparkly.  I couldn't help it - I was one happy pup.  But then Mom left with Dad in the Buick.  Something about an infection.  

I cried and cried.  I figured... there she goes again.  That lousy hospital. 

But then a short time later she walked in the door.  This time I was crying happy tears.  Mom said, 'Gracie! It's not like I wasn't coming back...'   How did I know?  

Anyway.  No infection.  Everything is fine. 

 Loving a human can be heartbreaking at times.  Gracie.


  1. Yah, sometimes when I look at Jack and see his chin getting white, it crosses my mind that he is almost 5yrs old already and with that heart murmur, who knows how long I will have him. I try not to dwell on it. I know he probably thinks the same thing when I go - that I may never come back, between my flights to MN and my stays at the hospital, and the possibility of a goody when we do drive in - I can see why he's so happy that I'm home. That's the only time he "kisses" me, is when I come home. So, I can understand what is probably going on in Gracie's mind. Our poor pets just have to know where we are.

    Glad there is no infection, Bobbi!

  2. awwwwwe, you guys brought a tear to my eye...I have 4 pups and I worry about them just like you worry about Gracie...I think they think like Gracie too...when I come home from being out, I get so many would think we were gone for days! I wouldn't have it any other way. :o)

  3. O.K., you really had me scared there for a bit. Sooooo glad you don't have an infection, but what's up? How are you? I bet you are starting to get depressed just staying in bed all the time, I wish the weather were good so you could get out in the sun a bit!!

  4. Hi! I discovered your blog by accident, but I am so glad I did.... Wow! It's awesome and wonderful that there are people out there that are as nuts over their dogs as I am, LOL!
    I just posted on my blog last night about my Black Lab Jazz.... he is eleven years old now, and it is ahrd to see him getting older... but no matter what, he will always be my "Baby"....
    Have a wonderful day....
    Hugs, Jenni

  5. Sorry....and I meant to say that I hope you are feeling better soon, looks like you have aloving furry "nurse" to help you along, though,
    Best wishes....

  6. Awww, I love this post. It sums up, perfectly, the reciprocal relationship between us and a good dog.

    I'm so glad everything is okay.

  7. Oh Bobbi, please treasure each and every day you have with little Gracie and don't even think about those things... that's an order!... she is so sweet, I love her little photogenic face!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Sure glad you are OK! I feel the same way about Billy as he now is 13! Not sure how I will be when his time comes! But do know it will be awful!

  9. OK Gracie...get up and sniggle/snuggle everyone...come on poochie! You've got my vibes~~~~~~~egging you on! wink wink

  10. She does have pretty eyes. Glad all is ok.

  11. Well good grief dis was a tender post, almost made me tear up alittle but if anybuddy asks...I has sumptin in my eye.
    We think da same as da hoomans do. We are heart broken when they gets da sickies, or is gone, and blah blah blah. And ya'll us. See, we don't live as long cuz we is already perfect and has nuttin to prove so God calls us earlier. Was dat not da most profound thing I has ever said?
    So glad you didn't has an in-fectshun...dat could haves been real bad.


  12. Praise God for the good report. One of my coworkers did have to have a second surgery this week for post-op infection because part of her appendix had not been removed after her appendectomy!!!
    It is difficult to deal with animals as they age but that heartbreak is still worth all the years of love they give us.

  13. Glad things are well. Enjoy your time with Gracie.

  14. Hi Bobbi! I'm glad that you're doing 'okay' and hope that you continue to mend uneventfully!

    As far as Gracie goes, while I can't say what the future will hold for your precious girl, I can tell you that more of our senior Goldens have little or no problems with mobility as they aged...They did slow down, but then so have I--However what is key, is something you already know, and that's the good care (diet, etc) that our pups receive now makes a difference in the days ahead...Again, just like us, huh?? :-))

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  15. I go through the same emotions. We lost a 15 year old cat this past September. He was VERY sick but we took care of him every single day until we found him in the kitchen. It was devastating! Our Tigger will be 14 in May and I whisper in his ear all the time that I need for him to live 5 more years. I knew of a Himalayan that lived to be 19 so I've put the pressure on Tigger to do the same...LOL! He's so spry and still loves to play! I hope Gracie lives a good long life!

    Glad to hear no infection!!


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