Sunday, January 16, 2011


Good Morning Everyone...

I got a new phone.  The Mesmerize.   My Blackberry was acting up.  So far, so good...    There are a few things I can't figure out.  Forever learning.  

I've had one of these colds for the last few weeks.  You know... the kind where you wake up and you have a horrible headache, stuffy nose and sore throat, but as the day goes by and you start drinking hot beverage, it starts to loosen up except you have laryngitis.  *Sigh*  

I've been trying to refrain from complaints... especially since this is my least favorite time of year anyway.  

I've been visiting some different blogs.  The web is thick with amazing people...  I'm enjoying meeting them and knowing about their lives.  So many have so much to offer... and I'm learning a thing or two.  

I love the blogs with music playing but I can't figure out how to do that.  That could open up a whole new world of fun for me.  Does anybody know how to do this?   

Another question.  Does anybody in the medical profession know:  Will they still do my surgery on Friday if I have this cold?   I don't have a fever, just a miserable existence in my head.  I do want to get this over with and behind me...  

Okay.  That's all.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  1. I cannot help with the questions but I wanted to leave my hug and the wishes for you to recover soon.

  2. Can't help here either, but you will probably be over it for the most part by then. New phones are always fun........and a little scary, lol.

  3. I agree about the blogs, there are so many wonderful people out there willing to share their lives and experiences. And you can learn so much. I'm sorry too that I don't have any answers to your questions, but your cold will probably be gone by then.--Inger

  4. Good luck with the phone. I hope your cold gets better soon. I started coming down with one laast Wednesday. Look for the "playlist" on a site that has music. Try clicking on it. It may take you to a site that allows you to create your own. I had one for awhile.

  5. Lorilee is right about clicking on a playlist. I have one on my blog, located at the bottom.

  6. What's the humidity in your house? If it's dry and you are "zapping" metal or Gracie, you need to add some moisture to your air. If your air is too dry, your nose will plug us and you will breathe through your mouth and it will dry out and you will wake with a sore throat. I'm not saying this is your case, just a suggestion - maybe get some moisture into your air, you will feel warmer too.

  7. er, make that: your nose will plug UP

  8. The music thingie...if you go to a blog with the music playing try and find a musical list, which is from a site that allows you to download their gadget to your site. Click on the gadget and it should transport you to the home site of the gadget...then read and figure out the procedure for linking it to your site. Good Luck and get better and hugs to Gracie...zoom zoom!

  9. I'm not the one to ask about the music. I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade but I'm not crazy about music on blogs because I open up several blogs at once, then read through them. If more than one has music playing I have to turn my sound off. Then if there's a video on a blog I want to watch I have to figure out which blogs have the music playing so I can turn them off individually. I hope you get to feeling better and I'm keeping you in my prayers.

  10. Are you joking about the name of that phone? That's really the name? So sorry you have been sick! Usually doctors will not operate if you have a cold. You can't even get a flu shot. Because your body is fighting the cold, and you want all of your immune system charged up to fight the surgery. I guess it depends on the type of surgery, too. I would certainly call the doctor's office tomorrow and tell them. I know you want to get it over, but you also want to go into it in good shape, the doctor will decide that. I have a great feeling about your surgery and know you will be fine. Nothing will happen that God does not allow or that's not in his plan for you. I will be praying that all goes well.

  11. Bobbi, this is a very difficult time of year for the ole human body! So many changes to adapt to and everyone being sick with all the germs everywhere!
    I don't believe a 'cold' will stop you from surgery on Friday.
    They operate on people with very serious health conditions if they have to.
    Do you take vitamin 'D'. If not you may want to look into it. Our body lacks this essential vitamin during the winter months. If you don't already, get need 1200 mg. a day. This could help you through these months and perk you up a bit!
    Now, take care.

  12. is the place to go for the music gadget. It's easy to get going. It is a lot of fun, though their musical selections seem to be dwindling by the moment.

    As far as the surgery, I was getting over pneumonia 2 years ago at this time, and my surgery had to be postponed because of it. They told me at the time that, depending on the surgery, they will do the surgery if a cold is not too bad, but there can be no infection or compromised airways. So I think there is a fairly good chance you could still get your surgery behind you on schedule. Sending prayers and hugs . . .

  13. I have a playlist, just go to and it will pretty much tell you how to set one up. It's not hard at all. I'm sorry I can't help with the surgery question...if they do go ahead with it,I hope all goes well and I'll say a prayer for you....take care, Jennifer

  14. Well, thanks everyone for your input. As far as the player, I've had no success with that. I've found it fine, but don't know how to get it on my blog. It's okay I guess... maybe it would be a pain ???

    Sharon, usually we're zapping by now... but it's right now it's only a little. I use a steam inhaler a few times a day to help with my sinuses. It's not horrible, just an annoyance.

    Jim, I don't take a vitamin D, but a multivitamin and a big glass of orange juice every morning. I'll have to check out the vitamin D...

    This is not a horrible cold, just annoying... last year I had swine flu and THAT was HORRIBLE. (pretty sure it was)

    Thanks everyone!! I appreciate the well wishes, prayers and help.

  15. I won't be any help here Bobbi, but I will send my healing thoughts and all the best for this week!

  16. Congrats on the new phone! I am sure you'll learn it in no time!

    I am not sure about the music playlist. I've seen them on people's blogs. There must be a way to link it but I don't know how.

    I know exactly how you have been feeling. Last week I woke up almost everyday choking because of all of the drainage that was running down my throat. My throat was so raw feeling. I think as long as you aren't running a fever you should still be able to have your surgery. Praying for you!


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