Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Favorite Little People

Gracie needed a bath.  Not her favorite thing.  

This is what she does.  She thinks if she rolls over on her back that I'll just 'forget about it'.  

 She looks empty here...  but I'm pretty sure she's scheming.

In her mind, there's a plan to get even.  You heard about the Gumby in the middle of the floor incident early this year...  right?  

All Clean. 

 Then we left her to watch the house while we went to celebrate a belated birthday party for Jake.  

The Scooby Doo band aid was a gift from me...  no real boo-boos on his face.  Just a love of band aids.    Years from now people will look at these pictures and say...  "What happened to Jake's face?"  

I think our present - a blow up jumping thingy was a hit... after it was inflated.

Tommy the Cat was taking it all in.

A busy day with my favorite little people. 

 Now, back to work tomorrow.  


  1. I hope the kitty doesn't discover that the jumpy thing is comfortable - - - if the kitty still has its claws! Fun day with family - - - love it! And you got to go home to a sweet-smelling doggie. Our dogs hated their baths, too.

  2. Gracie looks so sweet but she will probably get even with you for the bath!

    The jump thing looks like a big hit. Hope the kitty doesn't deflate it!

    Enjoy your week.

  3. The picture of Gracie looking up in the shower - priceless!

    A very nice little Birthday Party for Jake! Belated third Happy Birthday! That jumping thing is just the right size for the kids.

    Did you trim back Tommy's nails and round them with a file? I hope....

  4. How are you feeling today? Oh, Gracie is too cute trying to avoid her bath!! And how pathetic in the tub!! Wow! Is that jumping thing for indoors??? I want one if it is, where did you get it? How does it blow up?

  5. Trust me, if Gracie is anything likes me...then her is scheming sumptin grand...hehehe! I hates dat baff too.
    Nows dat looks like a blast in dat jumpin' thingy.

    Why do da kiddos love band-aids? Dat is da million dollar question.


  6. Sure does look like a lot of fun!

  7. Sweet photos. Looks like everyone was having a good time - all except for Gracie that is. Poor little girl having to take a bath. Wonder what was going through her mind in those pictures.

  8. I would have to keep the jumpy thing away from my cat! It sure looks like fun for the little people!

  9. I have never understood why animals hate baths so much! The dog we had growing up would get a bath then go wallow in the dirt. It's like she hated being clean. Go figure!

    Looks like Jake had a great birthday! That jumpy thing looks really fun!


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