Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Song

 Wish Me A Rainbow

Wish me a rainbow and wish me 

the stars All this you can give 
me Wherever you are

in the hospital when she was born
And dreams for my pillow
And stars for my eyes And a 
masquerade ball Where
our love wins first prize

Gracie watching over the new baby...
 Wish me red roses and 
yellow balloons
And caress us whirling 
To gay dancing tunes

 I want all these treasures
The most you can give 
So wish me a rainbow
As long as I live

All my tomorrows 
Depend on your love
So wish me a 
rainbow above

From the time she was born, 
I kept her overnight on Friday  
just about every other week.

My name was the last name 
she was able to say. 
 She called me GGGG  
 for the longest time.

I loved waking up to her in the morning...
Sponge Bob Squarepants 
and silver dollar pancakes.

I call her my Cuppycake

So much has been going on lately. 
 Busy.  Holidays. Sickness.  
I haven't been able to spend 
as much time with her.  
Tonight she came to stay 
for her Friday night at Grammy's....

We had ice cream.  Sprinkles for her, chocolate syrup for me.
When she went to wash her hands in the bathroom, I was taken back by what I saw.  She no longer needed to use the step stool.  When had she grown so tall?

Then she wanted to go home.  She missed her Mommy.

What happened to the little girl who used to cry because she didn't want to leave Grammy?  I'd carry her out to the car and wait while her mommy buckled her into her car seat and then I'd blow double kisses to her as I watched her hold tight to the baggie of cookies (her parting gift) that I'd given her, watching  the tears stream down her face as she'd blow double kisses right back.

I guess I'm a little sad.    Before she left tonight I held her in my arms and sang the song "our song" ... the one I've whispered to her since the first day I held her in my arms... Wish Me a Rainbow.....

She laid her head on my shoulder, remembering...  and she was quiet and still.

Then she went home with Mommy and Daddy.

Dear Diary,

I thought for sure I'd get pancakes for breakfast.  But the Cupcake went home...  so it's a no-go. Oh well, maybe another day.  Gracie.


  1. Your granddaughter is a little sweetie!... I vote for pancakes for Gracie anyway!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Only us grandmas can understand poignant about growing up and bonds. We DO have a lot in common. How far away does your daughter live? I'm lusky that ours lives just a few blocks away. Little Anne hates to leave us, too! But I will be getting her on Fridays at the end of this month, till the spring! We will do crafts, play games, eat ice-cream, read and sing. And guess what? Just lately she doesn't need the bathroom stool anymore. It's in the basement now. The picture of you kissing her is my favorite. The part about singing your song to her again is making me teary eyed. The song, I've never heard it before, just perfect for you two. Isn't that Natalie Wood?? I know it is, was that a tribute to her? Wonder what really happened on the boat on that dark night...she was so afraid of the water.

  3. Hi Bobbi,

    This is so precious, she is beautiful, and the photos through the years touched my heart. I love that she calls you "Grammy". How blessed she is to have you, and of course you her. I'm sure Fridays will always standout as a special day in her life.

    Your Gracie is sooooo adorable, and I love dogs!! She looks like a little cuddly bear, and I love those eyes!

    God bless you :o)

  4. Bobbi
    Your post is so beautiful. I come to read your blog and sometimes my comment will not stay,, but I am trying to make sure it does today.
    I also wanted to say i hope your feeling betters,,, this is so very beautiful

  5. What a sweetheart your granddaughter is! She'll be back to spend the night another time; I can just imagine all the fun you two have. As old as I am, I still recall all the nights I visited with my grandma. She's very lucky that you have this blog to one day share photos and stories with her. Gracie is a doll too. Hope you have a nice weekend Bobbi!

  6. They grow up too fast, isn't it? But pretty soon she will have Grammy as her confidant, she will come to talk about her secrets and what goes in her little heart.

    This is a beautiful post - she will enjoy reading it one day.

    These pictures are a treasure, and Gracie is a doll.

    Have a great week-end, Bobbi.

  7. She is a beautiful Cupcake! What a wonderful post,you love for her shows through! I understand how you feel,I have been having those"where did the time go" feelings myself a lot this last year as my son inches taller and taller over makes me misty eyed.

  8. I sure know all these feelings! Your grandaughter is beautiful!

  9. I only have two words to say about your post - beautiful and precious!!!!

  10. Oh, Bobbi,
    I'm sure you were a little taken aback at Marissa deciding not to stay. She is starting to grow up and is probably learning which buttons to push and which not to push. She is her own self and now she has begun her journey toward independence. It was either that or she had a little tummy ache or something and just wanted to go home. :-)


  11. Little ones grow up so fast! But they always remember the special times with their Grammys.

  12. She'll be back. This is surely a passing phase. There is no place like Grammy's . . . none. Hold on for this to pass . . . like everything does. What a lucky little girl she is, having someone like you to love her so much.

    P.S. Please thank your husband for his support on the post about my son the other day. So nice of him.

  13. Oh Bobbi, how precious this post is. I know it broke your heart for cupcake to go home and not stay. It sure does mine when my nephews do that. She will always love that special song and you will sing it to her on all her special days. Makes me cry.

  14. I vote for pancakes for Gracie anyway with or without the beautiful grandchild! She did grow up very fast - - - right before our blogging eyes. And it's probably a phase she is going through right now and will return to those Friday nights. If not, as long as she gives you some of her time, it's all worth it. My girls lived too far from their grandparents. They missed a lot of love.

  15. Sharon, I think you might be right about the independence thing. Lindsey said she woke up this morning and started crying because she wanted to be with me.... she then promised her mommy that the next time she was going to stay all night. The little stinker.

  16. Overnighters at Grammy's house are special times indeed. We had two of our granddaughters stay over last night. What a blessing :-)

    Bobbi, I hope you have a great week :-)


  17. Bobbi,
    Such a beautiful post and it made me think of my 11 year old. I have a song I sing to him every night and often wonder when the time will come when he no longer wants to hear it.
    letting go is so very difficult!

  18. Think of all the memories, Bobbi, that you have given this young girl! Ones she'll have for the rest of her life. She knows that her grammy is the best one in the world!!

  19. So sweet! They do grow up way too fast!


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