Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Dear Diary,

Happenings yesterday!  Dad brought a rotisserie chickie-bird home from the market and the whole kitchen smelled wonderful.  He gave me a hotdog with cheese for dinner, like always.  I ate, but then sat waiting patiently on Mom to get home from work because I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into that chickie bird. 

When Mom got home, she put that chickie bird in the microwave to warm it.  The smell got even better.  I could hardly wait.

When Dad dropped a big part of the chickie bird  onto the floor, there was no time for thinking... so I lunged for it to keep Mom from grabbing it up and I *gulp* swallowed it whole.  (otherwise she would have prodded it from my jaws).  

What a sensation.  I couldn't taste a thing.  It was piping hot. Whew!! Ouch-y!  After rubbing my face on the rug, and shaking my head a few times, I barfed up (according to Mom) everything I'd eaten in the past ten days.  

Most of the night was spent outside eating cold grass and feeling like the prize might not have been worth the pain or visa-versa.  Something like that.  

Mom says I'm a pig. I say if she'd let me eat what I want, when I want... I wouldn't have to go to these drastic measures to get a good piece of chicken.  

 Whatever. Gracie.


  1. Oh Gracie, so sorry you got sick. You are right though, if they let us have whatever, whenever, life would be just wonderful! Love, Billy

  2. Oh Gracie, feel better soon!... I love you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Too cute for words! Gracie, you will never learn! Dogs never do....ask Sophie!

    Bobbi. you asked about Asperger's Syndrome....yes, I know a little. I had a few kids in school with it. And friend's of mine, their son was recently diagnosed...he is 19.
    The most obvious thing about AS, to us anyway, is that these individuals do not perform well in 'social settings'.......they have a hard time interpreting and understanding gestures, body language and the general nuances we take for granted. It can get them in to a lot of difficulties especially when younger.
    Kids/adults diagnosed with this are said to be 'in the spectrum' of autism.....but at a much higher level. They are usually very intelligent and take most things seriously. They speak in a monotone voice with not too much expressive language used.
    There are 'tests' available and a good psychologist can determine if your son has it.
    It's not 'the end of the world' if he does but it would give him (and you) a 'cause' for his difficulties and that could make the BIG difference in accepting that he may have something that is real and that he is not crazy and stupid.
    It made ALL the difference in the world for our friend's son. It was a huge sigh of relief to him that he wasn't stupid or crazy.
    Hope this helps a bit and that he gets some assistance.

  4. Oh Gracie, I am so sorry. Harriet goes crazy when we buy rotiserie chicken also. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Gracie, I'm so sorry....we've had our share of 'bad restaurant' reviews here too and hope you feel better soon!!

  6. Oh no... poor Gracie...and poor Mom! Do you have any idea how much she worried about you?! I'll bet she hardly slept last night! But still... I do feel for you. And hope you are much much better now!

  7. Oh, Gracie! I hope you didn't burn your little tongue to bad with that bite of the chickie bird.

  8. Gracie, you are so cute and so funny, I hope you feel better soon.
    hugs and kisses.

  9. LOL! Gracie, any one of my dogs would have done the same thing. My question to you is, don't you think we give you as much food as is good for you? in the form that is good for you?? After years of being loved and pampered, why does the latent scavenger in your species still exist? The worst thing my dog ever ate were hundreds of whole peppercorns when they escaped from the peppergrinder as it was being filled. Why? Why?? They were hot, I am sure! Dogs.

  10. Hi Bobbi, Got your 'message'. You can get my email now in my profile....been meaning to do that! so hear from you soon.

  11. Gracie I guess you live by the 5 second or less rules...if an object hits the floor it is mine after 4.5 seconds....no matter how hot or how loud the peeps scream. Years and years ago my mom told me her Dad dropped a piece of spicy BBQ chicken on the floor their dog also lived by the 5 or less second rule...he gobbled it up. Within minutes his mouth was on fire from the spicy then so was his tummy...
    Hugs Madi

  12. It's a case of "Be careful what you wish for", Gracie! It can turn on you!

  13. Gracie, I have to agree with your mom. You acted like a little piggy and paid the price for it. Live and learn! Of course I'll bet you would do it again if given the opportunity :-)

  14. Oh Gracie, you are such a cutie! I am sorry to hear that the chickie-bird made you sick. Poor mom, I bet she was worried with you, little girl.

    Feel better soon, and next time, wait for a little piece of breast meat that mom may give you, you think?
    Bobbi, you are a precious person!

  15. Oh Blessy Gracie, so sorry you got sick little girl. You look so pitiful and I can imagine that you are so deprived from all the things you love to eat :) LOL

  16. Hehehehe...I's not laughin' AT you Gracie but dis is sumptin I would do cuz they starves me here too. I just so soory yous got burned from da hot chickie and then didn't even gets to taste it...gasp!
    Uh, you not suppose to eat hot dogs...they looks too much likes me.


  17. Oh my gosh!!! Poor Gracie. Well, Gracie, don't worry. Just between the two of us, I think I have done the same thing a few times!! Ha ha!!! Now I don't eat grass, but I swill ginger ale! I'm just glad you didn't get a bone in your throat! That's much worse than having a cat get your tongue!

  18. Samson Says: Ouch! I'm sorry you hurt yourself, Gracie. I lunged for a plastic cap that Mommy dropped this morning, but she lunged too (pretty quick for her old age!) and got to it first. I was mad, but reading this, I guess I should be glad I didn't swallow it. It might have made my tummy hurt too. I hope you are feeling better by now. You are very cute, xoxo, Samson

  19. Oh, poor Gracie, pardon me for laughing out loud at your miserable-ness. Your last picture says it all.


  20. That sounds like the night we let our chocolate lab chew on a ham bone - - - cuz we didn't know he shouldn't have it. He splintered it and swallowed the entire bone after chewing it up. For the rest of that night, he emptied his insides out his mouth, too. We never gave him another bone the rest of his life!

  21. Dogs will be dogs!! Grace, you would do that again if you got the chance!! Poor baby!!
    Thanks so much for your visit!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  22. Gracie girl, would you do me a favor? Would you, please, tell your mom that I have an award just for her, on my blog? Please, sweetie, tell her that I received this present today and, according to the "rules", I was supposed to pass it on to special, very special people. I mean SPECIAL !!

    You understand me, don't you? How could I NOT give it to your mom? ... You are laughing, I see. So, may I count on you to tell her?

    Thanks, Gracie. A hug for you and another for your mom. Both of you make my days brighter.

  23. Poor Gracie! I know that chicken was hard to resist! I am sorry you got sick. I hope you are feeling better!


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