Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Quite Nervous

I've been given this award from the very sweet Mariam @

I hope I do this right.  

First of all, thank you Mariam for this award, for your friendship, and for an awesome and fun blog!!

Now, I'm supposed to tell you seven facts about me, then pass this on to five peeps.  I can do the seven facts thingy...  but honestly I'm having a problem picking out five people...  there are just so many wonderful blogs.  

Fact #1   I love chocolate cake and I can eat an entire cake in 24 hours.  Really.

Fact. #2  I have some fears that make no sense at all.  Airplanes. Elevators. Tall buildings. 

Fact #3  I am divorced after being married almost 20 years, and a few years later met my current hubby Gary online.  

Fact #4  I love lilacs.

Fact #5  I have three grown children, two grandchildren and of course...  Gracie.

Fact #6  I'm getting quite nervous about my upcoming surgery on Friday and the more I read about those who have had this surgery... the more nervous I get.  ICK.

Fact #7  I have written the Holy Bible out in long-hand a total of 2 times... every word... in an attempt to better understand The Word of God.  

There you have it.  Now,  how much did you already know about me?  



  1. Here's one for you - I am terrified of heights and I have a pretty good idea of why but I won't go into that. However, I LOVE to fly! How crazy is that????

  2. Hi Bobbi... you forgot to put that you are a beautiful, gracious lady who writes from her heart!... Please don't be afraid of your surgery... everything will be just fine...xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Tell you what, Bobbi, I will go in for your surgery and you can wait a month or two or three and do mine, sound good?

    I PROMISE you will be fine, honest. When I went in for my cataract surgery, I was not the least bit nervous - simply excited. Just think of this as a GOOD thing and be excited about it, because it IS a good thing! You really want it taken care of, right? Well ... there you go!

    Please do not read any more horror stories, because every time somebody tells it - it grows.


  4. Hi Bobbi, You and I could devour a chocolate cake together in 12 hours!!! My mama loved lilacs and now I will think of you when I see and smell those sweet blooms! Please don't read the horror stories about the surgery. May God give you peace and the doctors wisdom as you go through this surgery. You will be in my heart and prayers Bobbi.

  5. Wow, writing out the Bible in long hand. I may need to try that. Maybe I would have a better understanding as well. I'll keep you in my prayers with regard to the surgery. I am also afraid of heights. I can't even watch on tv when someone is standing at the edge of a building looking over and I need medication whenever I fly over a large body of water.

  6. # 1 and 2 we are the same!!! You wrote the whole bible out in longhand??? Do you still have it? That's quite a feat!! Bravo!!! Stop reading about your surgery and other patients on line!!! Try to forget about it, I know that you will be fine. You are healthy, not overweight, and young. I will pray for peace fo you from now on. Really, I have a very good feeling about this surgery, and I am usually right!

  7. Dear Bobbi, I knew all but #7.I do know you write longhand out of the Bible everyday but didn't realize it equaled 2 complete times through "the" book.As far as the up coming surgery I told you to stop reading those other peoples stories days ago.I also promised you that I will do all I can to help her recover :).You helped me for 3 months after my surgery in 2006.All will be fine.Gary

  8. Congratulations of your award.
    I will send my magic bubbles to you so you won't be afraid,,,,,
    everything is going to be okay

  9. Congrats on your award!
    Okays so I didn't knows all dis but I so happy you shared, nows I knows you betters and I likes you even mores.
    My mum is afraid of...wait fur it...clowns...bwhahahahaha...and fear itself. Yea, dat one daon't make sense.
    Anyways, ummmmmm...can yo clue me in on dis surgery? What's goin' on?
    Any and all of our drs. tell mum NOT to f=google anything...they knows her too well...hehehe!


  10. You sound like a pretty awesome woman, if you ask me. There will be tons of people praying for you this Friday, and one will be me!

  11. If we ever visit each would be best if we order 2 chocolate cakes! One for each of us!

  12. Congrats on your award!! I enjoyed reading about your idiosyncrasies!!! We gave up sugar a year ago this month and still at it!! No chocolate cake for me thank you!!I haven't had chocolate in a year too! We are eating lots of greens and soup.
    Your surgery will be great!! Paws crossed for you!! Thanks for your visit!!
    xx, Fern

  13. I too do not like to fly....if I could on my own that would be fine! lol I figure it's a 'control' thing for me....leaving my life in someone else's hands? Don't mind elevators as long as they don't stop mid floor! I went up the Empire State building once....not bad but made me feel a little shaky.
    As you know I love chocolate cake and if I could I'd bake one and send it to you to have after your surgery. Again, good luck and 'see' you soon.

  14. The Lord is with you girl. Everything will be fine. Sometimes the internet can be an enemy not a friend it is best to stay away from the negative and look to the positive. Ha, I should so listen to my own advice, lol... L J

  15. I have no fears of chocolate that right? Take care of yourself and rest when you get home....very important!

  16. I said already that you are a precious lady, didn't I? Yes, I did. You are!

    Don't be afraid, Bobbi. Everything will work out just fine! There is such a large group of friends sending you their best thoughts and prayers... you will see.
    Love ya!

  17. Congrats Bobbi, well deserved. Sending your prayers for your surgery--all will go well. I am amazed you’ve written the Bible out twice? That is amazing!

  18. Congrats on your award! Wow... you've written the Bible out twice....that's amazing!


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