Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oops- Wrong Room.

Ok, I'm home.  Lying in bed, not the best at typing in bed but  bear with me.  No photos... though hubby took a horrible one of me in the recovery room and sent it to all family members. i could have killed him.  but since he is taking such good care of me and even spent the night sleeping in a rickety old recliner in my room, i will spare his life.

I was nervous going in, and hoped for some of those good drugs Sharon talked about to calm me down.  (I hate taking those types of drugs, but it was the lesser of 2 evils).

A nurse walks in the room eyeballing her clipboard.  "Phyllis?"  "no, Bobbi."  Oops. wrong patient.  A long wait and a million of the same questions over and over again from a half a dozen different white coats.  I'm thinking, I wish Sharon were here, she'd get me good drugs.  Finally the anesthesiologist. He said he'd set me up.  A half hour later and ten minutes past scheduled surgery I asked the nurse if he was going to bring me something.  It was too late. 

 Then i was wheeled back to the big white medicine-smelling room and everyone stood over me saying, "everything is going to be alright".  I knew what they were about to do to me and i wanted to run away.  But there was no turning back.

Now, i've had surgeries before under general anisthesia and i woke up nice.  ahh.  But this time i was nauseas and still afraid.  There wasn't a lot of compassion there, just workers going about their duties.

In my room later the nausea  meds kept me whoosie for quite some time.  "For pain, push the morphine button" the nurse said.  I am thankful to say i didn't have to use it, and that once the surgery was over i had  little pain with no meds.

Last night Gary witnessed the nurse giving me the wrong bag in my IV, then changing it about ten minutes later.  They said it was just a change the doc ordered, but after what i saw there im not sure.  One mistake after another after another.  I had to tell them what i should do most of the time.  Yesterday was liquid diet, this morning solids.  After I ate my breakfast this morning the nurses assistant came in smiling and handing me a cup of jello telling me I'd graduated to a liquid diet.  Oops.  Wrong room.  The list goes on and on....  but what really put the icing on the cake (there's that cake again)...  was this morning the nurses assistant took me for a long walk down the hall.  Doc came in later saying I wasn't supposed to walk outside of the room.  Then when it came time for me to go home...  I asked my nurse (her name was Hazel) what do I do?  Just leave?  "yep, you can go." she said.  Okay, so the doc doesn't want me to walk down the hall... yet it was okay for me to walk down four halls to the parking lot and then to my car???    I remained patient, but I was feeling pretty badly and hubby was sick as well... and... we just wanted to get in the car for our 1 1/2 hour drive home.  "Can I have a wheelchair?"  I asked politely.  Hazel looked puzzled.  Like she wasn't quite sure what that was.  Turns out there was a wheelchair alright... but someone else was using it.  Go back into bed and wait (with long robe, slippers, and winter coat on). 

The hospital is new just last month.  Brand spanking new hospital and only one wheelchair per floor?  They told us from the get-go that they didn't have all the bugs out yet.  HUH?  I hope they're not talking about bed bugs.  And by the looks of the old sheets and hospital gowns that they drug from the old hospital, I was thinking they might be talking about just that.  

Now, don't get this hospital confused with our new hospital here in Cumberland.  It is awesome.

Good to be back.  Thank you so much for your prayers, well wishes, good thoughts, and cards.  

You are very much loved and appreciated.


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  2. So glad it is all over for you. Doesn't sound like the best organization there! Glad you are home!

  3. Hi Bobbi, me again... I deleted my other comment, I was a naughty girl to call that nurse a bad name... anyway, I am so happy you are home and it is all over with... sorry about your nightmare experiences with all the nurses, aids, etc. ... but now, Gracie will take care of you!... feel better soon!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I would say they have major BUGS to work out! So glad you are home and I hope you both get a good's night rest. Sending hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. This post scared me something fierce. Get well hon.

  6. That is terrible that you had such a bad experience. I have to say that when my son broke his femur and required a rod be put in, his care was wonderful. Everyone was very professional, friendly and helpful--as it should be!

  7. Un yeah.......scared me a bit too! Glad you are outta there and mending at home with the hubby and Gracie!

  8. jeepers, i am happy your back home..!

  9. oh wow, not only did you have to concentrate on healing and feeling better but also what they were doing to you, goodness! I'm so glad you are home now and your hubby is taking care of you. God bless and take it easy, don't try to do too much.

  10. Oh, Bobbi, I am sorry they didn't do right by you! I really thought you were far enough away from Hooterville that you would get good care! Get the name of what they used for an anesthetic, from the doctor and keep it in your records, so you can inform whoever about how sick it got you, when/if you have to have another surgery. When you get older, you'll wish you had a record with meds and DD/MM/YYYY and reactions, because you may not remember. I am so sorry you were like a practice run at the new hospital. You rest easy now, get all better and let Gary wait on you hand and foot!


  11. I can't BELIEVE your story, what happened to you!!! First, I am so glad you are alright and back home!! DESPITE the hospital! I have had the hospital make some mistakes with me, but nothing like this! Sounds like they were all on crack or something! A few bugs to work out? Seems like they were infested. The hospitals here, no matter how you feel or why you were there, you have to be wheeled out in a chair, that is policy. They don't let anyone walk out. When one goes into a hospital they really need someone to stay with them as an advocate, to watch out for them. So you don't need pain meds?? How wonderful!!!

  12. I for one hate hospitals and try to stay away from them as much as I can...for all the reasons you have mentioned. I bet your glad to be home and in your own bed. I hope you have a very quick recovery and as pain free as possible. take care, Jennifer :o)

  13. I am glad to hear you are home and on the mend. It sounds like your hospital experience was horrible. There is no excuse for that type of care - new hospital or not. If I were you, I would be giving them feedback on ways they need to improve.

  14. What an experience, Bobbi! Wait until you see that they charge $14.00 for a Band Aid! That's what happened when Hubby had to have a surgery. Thank goodness we have a top notch medical insurance. Sons of &*%%#@ .

    But, it is over. You are HOME! With Gracie at your side, and Hubby to care for you, recovery will be fast!

  15. Now,Bobbi, you can mend and feel a lot better. Great to be home I bet.

  16. Sounds harrowing, that's for sure. It's hard to heal in an environment where you can't relax. I am fearful that this is going to be the new trend in our new health care, too.

    Well, you're home now and in good hands. Rest, relax, and heal.

  17. Good Gracious!!! Bad enough being there, but you want your stay to be of good quality. Listen to Sharon some meds dont work well with our systems and you dont want that again if you can help it. Home, rest, Gary and Gracie. That is the best Prescription...

  18. I'm thinking I'd have to send a letter to the head hospital administrator outlining all the bugs that you experienced. My guess is the staff doesn't pass that kind of information along. So glad you made it home. Praying for your quick recovery.

  19. Bobbi, I am glad you made it home!! My goodness, It so hard to believe a new hospital would be so Insufficient!! Now you can get some real TLC! Gracie will be glad to help too! Praying for a quick recovery.

  20. Me again, Bobbi! When you are resting, have a tablet and pen by you and jot anything and everything down about your hospital stay. You know they always used to send a form with questions, well, now, they don't give you a chance to think about it - they call you and ask how your "visit" went. If you have it written down, you won't be the blithering idiot that I was, after my last visit.

    I hope you are resting well and getting in some good snooze time!


  21. Heaven's to Betsy, Bobbi, I certainly hope they performed the correct surgery on you! That would have scared me all those mishaps...
    But glad you are home and please take good care of yourself and don't over do getting up and around!

  22. My last hospital experience was terrible too. Order mess up and so on. I continue to wonder if my son would be alive today if he had not had been admitted to the hospital. He was only 27, far too young to be in heaven. I glad you are home now and safe. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  23. Sorry about your hospital experience. I am glad you are home and hopefully healing well.


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