Friday, November 26, 2010

Working On the Christmas Putz

Gracie smells Christmas in the air... 

She smells Christmas in the package 
she got in the mail today as well.  

She wrote in her diary that she's glad I signed her up for Jazzi's Christmas exchange...

Huh!  It's from Minnie!

While Gracie was busy snooping, hubby had this project going on...  working on the Christmas putz, as he calls it.  

"Why can't I have my package now?"

I'm so glad I found all these Christmas houses at the summer yard sales I went to...

The Grandchildren will love this!

Christmas magic

Not finished yet. Working on it...

Glad the weekend is here.  


  1. Nice that you guys have a place to set it up! The kids are gonna freak!

  2. looks like a great start!! I know the grand kids will like it! how cool that Gracie got a package as part of a gift exchange!! Sounds like the one we are dealing with corgis and blogs; looking forward to seeing what goodies Gracie got!

    have a great weekend!


  3. Your little village is looking so cute Bobbi!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Wow, you made a whole village from going to ysrd sales all summer! How cool, the kids will adore it!! I can't believe paople sold this stuff!! What's in Gracie's box?

  5. Gracie is so cute!

    The Christmas Village houses are so pretty. I love the warm glow from the tiny windows.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Whew, glad the gift box arrived! We were holding our collective breaths here, you just never know with the USPS.

    Christmas Village items are so homey and welcoming! Your granddaughter will love playing with them.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  7. I wish I had room for a Christmas village. Yours is beautiful.

  8. Your Christmas village is going to be so pretty! I can't wait to see it when it's finished!


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