Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is Santa on Medication?

When I was growing up, 
I recall Santa as being three things.

1. Dressed in red.
2. White Beard and hair.
3. Jolly, with a Ho! Ho! Ho!

I'm the one on the far right.
Yes, I still believed! (still do)

But through the years Santa seems to have lost something along the way...

He still wears red.  
He still has that white hair and beard
 like he did back then...

But he doesn't seem to be all that jolly.  
I never hear him say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" 

 Could it be that he's on medications to counter that excessive and extreme joy and happiness that he used to encounter every year around Christmas-time?  Really?  Is Santa taking medication?  

Whatever the case, he doesn't seem like himself.  But I guess todays kids don't know the difference.  

Oh well.  At least this year he wasn't female. 

 Last year my granddaughter wasn't buying it. 
 This year, she was in....

The innocence of children.  

There's nothing quite like it.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your granddaughter. She's adorable and so excited. You made my day!

  2. Marissa is such a little doll, I sure hope you have that Baby Bouncing Babbles in the closet somewhere!!!

  3. She is sooo precious! xoxo Julie Marie (I still believe too!)...

  4. Oh, she is just adorable!! So sweet and innocent! Is there anything better than little girls, especially when thy are your granddaughter! She reminds me of the little girl we babysit, Ella. How old is she? You are right about today's Santas. I think they must all have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  5. It's to bad we have to grow up :-)


  6. She is so adorable, you are blessed, Bobbi. I haven't had any Santa encounters for many, many years, come to think of it. Hmmm! I guess a lack of grandchildren or maybe avoiding the holiday rush at the malls at all costs, I don't know. I have many cute grandnieces and nephews, so maybe I just have to try harder to find him. But believe I do.--Inger

  7. your little grand-daughter is so cute! It is fun to live their excitement like this!! Maybe Santa is tired these days; remember when he used to not make his appearance in the store until after Thanksgiving? Maybe he doesn't "ho ho ho" because he's overworked and underpaid :)


  8. Betty> You have a point. Yep. I'll bet that's it. Santa is overworked.
    Thank you all for the sweet comments. I am so drawn to children and their innocence... and having grandchildren has been such a blessing to me. God knew what He was doing when he brought them into my life...
    Ginny> She is 3 years old.
    Sharon > Bouncing Baby Babbles is in our closet waiting for Christmas day :)
    Farmchick> Yep. Last year Santa was a girl.

  9. Santa on Meds! sounds like a new Broadway musical...I wouldn't be surprised if it comes along someday....anyway...licks and sniffs from Sophie!

  10. Inger> You are so smart to stay away from the malls, it is crazy this time of year. Unfortunately I have to work in a mall... errrr..
    Sophie> Oh, Sophie you are so funny. I would love to see that Broadway musical... I could use a good laugh!

  11. Poor Santa, just think about how many years of living at the fridgid North Pole, putting up with those elves, gearing up to travel the world one nite a year, I'd be on meds,too... Your granddaughter is a little charmer.I am so glad your tests came out negative. Gracie is a little cutie. I will post a story about my Christmas cottages when my grandkids were little soon. Thanks for becoming a follower to my blog and leaving me a comment. God Bless. Lady Jane

  12. You've given me my aaaaaawwwww moment at the end of a crazy few days! Thanks for that!! :-)

    Also THANKS for your kind comments and healing prayers for Hamlet!!

  13. Christmas is so for the children! Nice post Bobbi.


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