Monday, November 29, 2010

Mondays Mug: Kennedy Space Center

I can't imagine anything that would be more thrilling than to watch the Space Shuttle launch.

If we would have been there just a week later, my dream may have become reality. 

Monday's Mug:  Kennedy Space Center

The blizzard that we drove through while exiting Frostburg, Md.  that first day of March in 2008 wasn't about to dampen our spirits.

Our destination: Florida

We visited relatives, and set aside some fun/educational time as well.

 This place is awesome beyond words.  We did an all day tour.  I took this picture on the bus as we were on our way to the Space Center.

Woahhhh.... Getting too old for this...

My Handsome hubby...
 pretending to be an astronaut.

There he is, first row-far left.  
I chickened out on this ride (simulation) at the last minute.  
That explains the empty seat right beside him.
  I'm such a baby.

There was so much to see and do.

I touched a piece of Mars!

Fascinating place!! Good food! Souvenirs!

Behind us you can see the Space Shuttle Endeavour which was scheduled to launch on the 11th of March... just a week later.  Any adverse weather conditions or even a minor problem will prevent the Shuttle from launch on it's scheduled date.  The security there is tight, and everything has to be perfect before launch.  

We had fun.  Met new people.  Learned a lot.  And brought home a mug.  

Have a Magnificent Monday my friends!


  1. Kennedy Space Center is only a couple of hours away from our house! When the shuttles take off, we see them as realy bright balls shooting through the sky! It is a great place to visit!

  2. How exciting for you!... I would love to visit there one day... not sure about going on the rides though??? xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Looks like a fun place to visit. I'm sure I would chicken out on most of those "rides." I get motion sickness just watching someone swing!
    I love your mug. I have a blog friend in IA that features one of his mugs each week on his blog. Have a great day Bobbi.

  4. Oscar> how awesome to live so close! It's truly a wonderful area there...
    Julie Marie> The ride was actually a simulation, but still - I was afraid I'd get tossed around too much... lol.
    Mildred> Yep, me too. I never used to get motion sickness... so I blame it on my age.

  5. Looks like a great place to visit! And I'm sure it was a welcome rest to get out of the cold and snow for a few days!! That mug is cute too! I am with you, I think it would have been neat to see a space shuttle take off like that! Definitely something you would remember for a long time!


  6. I love the story and pictures behind this mug!! My favorite has to be the two of you floating around! You aren't a chicken, I would have been afraid to even float! Who took that picture, was someone else with you or is that something they do and then you pay for it? That building is amazing! AND I knew there were moon rocks here, but didn't know there are pieces of Mars! Too cool!!

  7. LOL > Ginny I love you! You made me laugh!! But I was laughing with you, as I'm sure you will be laughing too when you know how this was done. You see, the picture of us floating was just an illusion. We actually were photographed separately, laying on our backs on a prop, then the photo's were super-imposed onto the other photo. But I always thought like you do... "wow, that looks like fun." LOL. Until that day we had it done. so, my title still stands. Chicken.

  8. Hah, We lived in Ohio when that Blizzard of '08 came roaring through, then moved to NC in June of that year; enough was enough!
    I can't even imagine the roar of that shuttle taking off and the power it would give off...what an experience!

  9. You guys get around! Would love to visit there sometime. Must feel quite surreal. And floating around like that! Fun!

  10. Jim> You're either kidding, or you didn't read my comment to Ginny. Ummm... yea... it was real fun floating around like that. LOL

    Tracy> wow, you remember that blizzard? It must have made quite an impact for you to move to NC, but I'll bet you are not missing the Ohio winters at all.

  11. Great trip! What an experience!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  12. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Yours sure sounds interesting!!!! I will check back again!

  13. How cool! I'd love to go there! Maybe someday! Glad that you guys had a great trip!


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