Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today It's All About Gracie

Poor Gracie. 

 I thought Sunday's episode of  Unhappy Camper
would be the end of her woes for a while.  Not so.

Today before going off to work I caved in to her begging-for-a-belly-rub routine, and saw that she was crawling with fleas again.  We'd purchased a flea collar for her Sunday so we immediately put it on her.  I wasn't satisfied that it would do the job so I quick-ran to the animal hospital that's two minutes from our house and purchased a remedy much like Frontline  that the worker said she uses for her dog.  She says it works!  I was vulnerable... so I paid the sixty bucks and ran.  The stuff smelled strong, and once I got to the office, all I could think about is, 'what if she has a reaction to it'?  I had visions of her convulsing and vomiting all over the place and nobody would be there to help her.  Worry for nothing.  The only thing out of the ordinary that happened was that she pooped on the floor. Ick. I guess she figures on these rainy days she has to go somewhere, wouldn't want to go outside and get her little tushy wet.  Bad dog.
I just checked her a while ago, so far no fleas.  Someone said I'm going to have to fumigate my house though... make sure they're gone for good.
I'm checking into something called Flea Treats which was recommended by Sam and I'm hoping it will be safe and effective.
Meanwhile,  I have to keep checking through Gracie's multi-layered locks to see if she has any more bugs.

I ordered something special for her online...  since she's been having such a tough time.  A few years ago I read a great book called Amazing Gracie by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff.  These guys started Three Dog Bakery, a bakery for the best of the best in homemade dog food and treats.  It's pricey, but today it's all about Gracie.


  1. Oh, she deserves a special treat! Hope she enjoys!

  2. poor little Gracie, thank goodness she has a good momma. Hope you get rid of all those little pests.

  3. poor Gracie!! Koda uses Frontline and so far he hasn't had any bad reactions (except I think to the generic, so stay with the brand name). We've been to a Three Dog Bakery! They have the best goodies! I'm sure Gracie will enjoy whatever you pick for her!


  4. It's 3 AM and guess who's up sick? I guess she's having a bad reaction from the Vectra 3D that I put on her this morning. I'm so mad at myself for not researching this first. At 1:30 AM I put her in a bath and tried to wash all the stuff away. I'm sure it's still in her system though. Then I blow-dried her so she wouldn't be cold and shivering. I feel so badly for her. I hope she doesn't get worse. After looking it up (too late) I found a lot of bad stuff about it and bad reactions in dogs. I wish I knew what to do next> I'd rather her have fleas than be sick.

  5. I was so sorry to read your comment that Gracie wasn't feeling well after all--I use Frontline on the dogs very (very) sparingly, I never put it on the seniors, however there are times that you just have too--I do so hope you're able to safely find a way to rid Gracie of those pesky fleas and keep her well too!! Let us know!!

  6. Poor Gracie! We had horrible fleas last year and nothing worked! The vet told us about a pill you give them once a month like a heart worm pill but it is for fleas. It Worked! It is called Comfortis and our dogs have had no side effects from it.This year we only had to uses it one month,I only use it when it is necessary.

  7. Poor Gracie, hope she is recovering quickly! We used to use the chemical stuff you put on doggie backs, but hu-mom didn't like the idea. We now only use lavendar collars during the high flea time. We had no fleas this year!

    Make sure Gracie gets lots of tummy rubs!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  8. So sorry to hear about the fleas, poor Gracie!! I once stayed in a house where the puppues had fleas, and they got in the bed and bit my legs, I still have a scar from scratching! But it sounds like you are really on the case! I love your adorable end of summer pictures! I have sent you an e-mail, be looking for it, good to find you again!

  9. Those things are sometimes tough to get rid of. I hope the medicine works!


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