Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mom Looks Worried

Dear Diary,

1:00 AM -  I'm sick as a dog.  Literally.  Barfed on one, two three throw rugs.

1:15 AM -  Mom looks worried.  She says she wishes she wouldn't have given me the new flea treatment that morning.  She thinks I'm having an allergic reaction.  

1:30 AM -  I'm in the bathtub.  Mom's sudsing me up with Oatmeal Shampoo, trying to wash away all the poison.  I sit looking straight ahead.  

2:00 AM -  It's the blow dryer.  I hate that thing.  It makes such noise, and it scares me when it blows all that warm air on me.

2:30 AM -  I'm still not dry.  Wish that stupid blow dryer would break.

2:45 AM -  Almost dry.  I'm shivering.  Mom wraps me in her warm soft robe and I fall asleep in Dad's chair.

8:00 AM - I'm too tired to get up.  Mom thinks there's something terribly wrong.

8:01 AM - Dad tests me, 'There's Max outside!" I jump from the chair and run to the window.  

I must be all better.



  1. Oh, poor Gracie, she looks so pitiful!! Her eyes look so sorrowful. I hope she was just pooped from the bath and blow dryer and is all better now. I have heard of dogs getting pretty sick from the flea stuff. I think you did the right thing to bathe her immediatly!! Keep us posted.

  2. hoping Gracie is feeling better by now! I do know Koda didn't like the generic Frontline product. I think you did good giving Gracie a bath in hopes it would help her feel better!


  3. Oh gosh... you really had me worried until the "Dad test!!" Thank God you got up and ran to the window!! I can feel Mom and Dad's relief all the way over here!
    Take care Gracie...and no more flea treatments!!

  4. Poor Gracie- to have to endure all this stuff so she can rid herself of those pesky fleas.... Hope all is well with her and you, Bobbi~ I am so behind with blog visiting- work interferes with my playtime all too much... LOL Will try to catch up soon. ~ Sue

  5. I hope by the time you are reading this, Gracie is showing more signs of being herself again!

  6. Poor Gracie! I hope she is feeling better now. That's scary! We gave Tigger a flea treatment that was similar to Frontline but was Hertz brand. He started wheezing and I thought his airway was closing off. The spot where we applied the medicine also turned blood red. It scared us to death! Needless to say he was thrown in a tub very quickly! Thankfully, we've never had to deal with fleas since then.


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