Monday, November 8, 2010

Health, Heredity, and Heart Attack

March 6, 2010

In March of this year, the Thomas clan came together for the first time since Mom's funeral 16 years ago. 

The oldest of the clan, sister Lindy far left, doesn't like her picture taken... so with all due respect, I cut her out... but I love her just the same.  Bros. Jimmy, Dave and Larry in front, then in the back row and putting the guys in their places are the girls, me, Angie and Rita.  

I found these shirts at a Walmart clearance sale for $1 a piece.  So I got them and insisted everyone put their shirts on that day...

Then we signed them. 
There was way too much fun being had.

Then it was off to the Ponderosa where we, along with our families sat at a very long table and wreaked havoc on the entire east wing of the restaurant.  

"We may never be together at once again..."  I don't know who said that.  Maybe we all did. 

November 6, 2010

I got the news early Sunday morning that bro. Larry had a heart attack.  Larry owns a pool maintenance company in Kansas. He's one year younger than me and in pretty good health... or so we thought. They put a stint in and are putting another one in on Tuesday.  He's doing fine.  

Bro Jimmy has already had a heart attack in the past.  

My dad died of a heart attack at 53.  

Our genes stink!

So now I'm wondering, what can I do to take better care of myself.  And even if I do... is bad health inevitable since it's in our genes?  

I'm glad we-all were able to be together and I'm hoping that there will be a time soon when we can do it again. 

 Our time may be running out. 



  1. Heart disease runs in our family, also cancer. All we can do is watch for our risks and avoid them, do what we can. Still no guarantee, life is a crap shoot.

  2. cute with the shirts and signing them, what a great idea!! sorry to hear about your brother!! you know, I think people are having heart attacks younger and younger these days; I transcribe medical reports and it is amazing that people in their early 40s are having heart attacks and strokes.

    I think you can check with your doctor to do a risk stratification with your risk factors and see if there is anything you can "fix", i.e. high blood pressure (if applicable), high cholesterol, etc.

    but in the end, we need to remember our life is in God's hands........even the very number of our days


  3. That's great that y'all were able to get together! I love the shirts! I am sorry to hear about your brother! I think genes can contribute some but I also would consult your doctor on how you can minimize those risk factors.


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