Monday, November 8, 2010

Mondays Mug: Mall of America

The largest Mall in the USA!

The Mall of America

Located in Minnesota

It was in 2002 that we experienced this lovely mall.  Gary had a great idea!  Get the girls (Lindsey and Athena) Walkie- Talkies, that way they could separate from us and would not get lost. This was before every teenager in America had a cell phone.

Trouble was, many parents had the same great idea and we ended up talking to a zillion other teenagers before finding ours.  

Yes, there is an actual carnival inside this mall.  

I have more pictures, but they are so lost.  I'll post them some other time.  When they just 'happen' to show up...  errrr

I guess I'll need to stop hoarding pictures next.  I can never find the ones I need...  

Oh, but I did run into this partial picture of 
one of the the Castle ceilings from last weeks mug:

Have a Marvelous Monday everyone!


  1. That looks like the place to go! Mom can shop, kids can ride rides with Dad.

  2. Thanks Bobbi, will do.
    Large places like this can be very overwhelming for a country hick like me. lol

  3. Hey Gracie
    My mom has been to that Mall and she loves it. She would love to go again but who knows when that will be!!

    Oh Gracie, Mom had to change some names. You now have my name for the Christmas exchange. Can you e-mail me so that I can send you my snail mail address? Send to

  4. I heard that place was fantastic!! (but it is Minnesota, isn't it?) too funny with the walkie talkies, but I'm sure the girls enjoyed their "freedom" being able to shop and explore on their own!!

    cool cup too!


  5. I was thinking Mall of America was South of St. Paul/Mpls. I don't think I could stand that many people.

    Liking that ceiling!

  6. LOL> Thanks Sharon and Betty!!! I was thinking about the Wisconsin Dells which we visited on that same vacation and I typed in the wrong place. Duh!

  7. My husband and I took a mini-tour of that mall a few years ago, when we visited my daughter and her boyfriend who were living in Minneapolis at the time. What I especially loved about it was the fact that no matter where you parked, you didn't have to walk far to be indoors, plus the free covered parking. Our malls here in Texas have huge parking lots. In the summer when the hot sun is blazing, it can be sheer torture to walk to your car, then get in it and have it be 125+degrees!

  8. Hi Renna, It's funny but I don't even remember the parking there. What I do remember is that most of the stores are geared for the younger generation, And that was almost ten years ago... I probably wouldn't enjoy it near as much now that I'm older. Malls aren't my favorite place these days... I'd prefer antique shops or yard sales :)

  9. How could you remember the parking lot? You make me drive around till I get a spot right up front. LOL I think we had a view of the mall from our motel?

  10. So a great idea is figured out by so many at the same time. Mall of America...heard so much about this place. I've been to the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta and it was huge...just too much mall for me. Have a great day

  11. hihi miss gracie!
    miss jazzi woofed about you today, so i wanted to come by and visit. i'd love to be friendz! :)
    oh, and my mama's been to that crazy hooge mall of america place, too!!

    the booker man

  12. I have heard of that mall! It sounds amazing!


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