Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Dude is Not Happy

Grammy's house.  Let the fun begin.

Lost in Pillow-land

Barbie Castle-land

Looks like Barbie might be tired

"The Dudes" as Rissie calls them,
 are really GI Joe's being
forced to act as boyfriends
 and husbands for Barbies.

This Dude is not happy about his
new role.  He just want's to go hunting.

Rissie doesn't forget to brush her teeth

"Gracie, I love you..."

"Rissie, I love you're cookie breath."

"Is it time for her to go home yet?"

 Eight years ago. 
My Lindsey -  Rissie's Mommy.
Time does fly.


  1. I think the word "precious" just about sums it all up!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. A little jealousy going on there? Hope you all had fun!

    Happy Sunday :-)

  3. A visit to Grammy's house looks like more fun than a visit to Disneyland :-)


  4. What cute pictures of Rissie and Gracie, just love them.

  5. You and Lindsey look alike! And Rizzie is a sweetie pie! She reminds me of our Ella the Bella. O.K., are all those toys at your house? Gosh, you are as bad as us! We have two rooms of toys for the girls, but nothing quite as elaborate as this. Have you had her for the weekend? What fun!

  6. Too cute for words! What a sweetie!

  7. Ginny, you have no idea! Every time I go to another yard sale I drag home more stuff for the kids to play with. Some day I'll do a blog on just those bargains. I can transform my home into a day care in just fifteen minutes, and visa versa. She stays about every other Friday night... How old is your Ella? Thanks everyone for the sweetness... You all are the greatest!

  8. had to laugh that GI Joe's were Barbie's boyfriends/husbands; your little grand-daughter has great imagination and is adorable! I'm sure it is always a pleasure (even to Gracie) when she comes to visit :)


  9. Wow, Mom loved "playing" Barbie as a kid, too! She couldn't have any around here 'cause we would use them as chew toys! Gracie is a very sweet & patient playmate for Rissa :)
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