Friday, October 22, 2010

I Don't Understand

Dear Diary,

Have I told you about our laundry room/garage?  I like to follow Mom over and snoop around while she does what she has to do over there.  

But when the lights go out, I high-tail it back to the door. 

'right behind you Mom' 

 I've been locked in there once already.  
I was scared.  It's dark in there.

Tonight it's granddaughter night.  That means I'm de-throned for about twenty-four hours 
  .... forgotten about... completely! 

 Yep.  And that's what happened.

And I got locked in the laundry room/garage.  
For about twenty minutes.

"I want my Mommy"

"Somebody, please get me out..."

I don't understand.  Gracie.


  1. poor you Gracie, but I'm thinking your mom has plenty of love to spread between you and the wee one! you got to be quicker the next time and be ready to leave that room when she does


  2. Poor Gracie! De-throned for an equally precious human!! But granddaughter night is just so special, I had mine last night and we made button spiders and did pumpkin window clings!

  3. I know, it's hard to be "replaced" when granddaughter comes. Mommy doesn't stop loving you, but you need to learn to be quicker about that door and the dark place!

  4. Oh, poor Gracie! It's not fair, is it? You will be queen again very soon.

  5. Nothing worse than DETHRONEMENT. It's a state of angst and bewilderment,really. When I'm out on the deck I 'yip' so hard that it hurts everyone's ears and they have to let me in...hahhhah!

  6. Poor little Gracie! What's a doggie to do?

    I wanted to thank you for your encouraging words to me on Heart Choices today. I will listen to the song you suggested. Music has such a way of ministering to me.

    blessings and love,

  7. Awww, Gracie....but you know your mommie loves you and that you are so special. And granddaughter just gets to be special for a very short while, then all will be back to normal.

  8. Awww...poor Gracie! They never really understand. We have to "put away" our cats sometimes. They hate it!



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