Thursday, October 21, 2010

Groans, Moans, and Boo's!

It seemed that October 31st nights were always crisp and clear as dry leaves rustled beneath our feet, and the groans, moans and boo's of other neighbors in passing would generate giggles from my own little goblins as we held our flashlights steady in front of us looking for the path to the next house on the country road in which we lived.  Our journey would take us to a half-a-dozen houses on foot, then we'd continue in our car where we'd visit relatives who'd be waiting with bags full of goodies for our annual Halloween visit.  

From 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM it was strictly business as the kids collected the best of the best in candy and treats.  The heavy bags were then emptied onto the living room floor where the negotiation process began and us parents would suck up to the kids like never before.

Now I wait on Halloween Night 
for my kids to bring their kids for the same.    

And once again I ask...  

Where did the years go?

Trick-or-Treating with my Three Kids

Twenty-two years ago!

What's that you say? 

You only see two kids?  

 Lindsey was six months in the oven.

 It was only fair that she 
have her share of 
Halloween candy too... 



  1. Believe me when I say...I still have to watch the candy.

  2. How cute you all looked! I still love Halloween and wish I was heading out with my little sis again going door to door... my daddy always said he had to "check" our candy, then he took what he wanted to eat! I miss him... and those memories will stay with me forever... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. That costume is a RIOT! I love it. My best friend and her hubby are thinking about going as a deer and a hunter (she is going to be the hunter and he'll be the deer). TOO funny. I love Trick or Treating and the tradition. I really hope we'll get a ton of kids this year in my neighborhood!

  4. Those were the days alright. I miss it some, around here it's just another night. Never get anyone here. I miss buying the candy bars and eating what was left. :(

  5. O.K. the little girl on the railroad tracks with you, she was not your daughter? You are a grandmother??? You look so young, I assumed the cutie pie in ypur last post was your daughter!! Gads.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Ahh, Ginny you're so sweet! The check's in the mail... LOL. Yes, that is my granddaughter. I'm 55, so I can easily be a grammy. But boy, do I appreciate your compliment!

  8. I miss those days of making the costumes for my daughter. I don't know who had more fun, me or her. She is now 22 and makes her own costumes for the parties with her friends. But when I look at them all, they still seem like 10 years old. Thank you so much for sharing. As mom's we all can relate. Thank you also for following along with my journey into blogging. It has been amazing to meet so many great folks. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

  9. Yeah I say where has it gone too, good blog, thanks for stopping by and posting on my blog, I am your follower now, and will be back soon, hugs my new friend, Barbara

  10. Loved Halloween as a kid. i remember a woman in the neighbourhood would give out candy apples....needless to say there was a line up at her door! No food on my blog tomorrow (Saturday).

  11. I miss those days! Sure wish sometimes that I could have them back! Cute picture! I think that's cool that you dressed up too!


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