Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If You Dare!!!

Remember the Steam Locomotive that you just saw Gracie freak out over?  

Every year they have a "Halloween Train" that goes from Cumberland to Frostburg and to Cumberland again.   IF YOU DARE to ride the Halloween Train you become a part of some pretty bizarre happenings en route but the scariest is when the train 'breaks down' in a secluded wooded area where something seems to be hanging from a tree.....  


My boys were 12 and 10 and ready!! 

 They loved it!

And I did my part...

Scared ya, didn't I?


  1. That sounds sooo fun! I LOVE Halloween so much... so many ladies are posting fancy decorated homes right now, me, I am posting witches and full moons! hee hee hee! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Rats!! I thought you awere going to show us pictures from the scare ride!!! Neat costume! I'm assuming that Gracie will NOT be along for the ride!

  3. My family loves trains! A Halloween train sounds fabulous!

  4. As I remember it Ginny, the train was way too dark for pictures... this took place about twenty years ago (seems like yesterday). I think the train still does the Halloween thing though. I'm not so sure this ol' heart could take the excitement now... LOL

  5. sounds like a fun ride for Halloween!! bet it got a scream or two when it stopped in that secluded area!!


  6. Gees! I'm outta here. That's totally unfair to scare a poor little poochie like me....I'm gonna get you!!! :-)

  7. Yikes!! You did scare me! :-)

  8. First off - I LOVED your comfort comment!!! SO CUTE!

    Secondly I never knew about a haunted train ride! I used to live in Maryland this sounds like SO much fun!

  9. Sounds like fun! I love your costume!



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