Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here Comes The Choo-Choo!

Gracie freaks out as the Steam Locomotive 
barrels down the track...  her way!!  

  After you watch for 3:50 min. it's over...  regardless of the music that keeps playing.


  1. This is too funny! I don't know how you managed to put all those danger things on the video, too cool! I was trying to find your profile to see if this is your little girl? She's so sweet! We have two four year old girls in our lives, and there's nothing sweeter! I HAD to leave the video on after all the action, because I LOVE ABBA!!!

  2. @ Sharon... Hello Sharon, we've missed you!!!
    @ Ginny, it's our precious granddaughter on the video. We have a granddaughter and a grandson. Marissa is now 3 and Jake will be 3 in December. It's great having kids around to spoil as I'm sure you know with your girls...

  3. Gracie was actually slipping out of her harness on here and I was freaking out as much as she was I believe...

  4. That was a pretty cool train but yah I would have freaked out too. Hope you recovered from the train Gracie!!


  5. The train is AWESOME but poor Gracie. She was needing to hide in your arms inside your coat!

  6. I'm with everyone else--The train is prety neat, but Gracie deserves a box of treats! :-)

  7. that is an awesome train and I like the walking path along it! poor Gracie! she definitely was not happy at all with that train!! If it was Koda, he would have been barking at it :)

    cute video; thanks for sharing it :)


  8. That was a fun video. Poor little Gracie, she was freaked out.

  9. What a great experience for your grandchild! Gracie could probably get used to it....over time.

    Oh yes, did you get the UV light yet? It could make such a difference when the winter sets in and those dark, dark days hit us! They can be pricey but shop around a bit and see. You won't regret it Bobbi.

  10. Poor Gracie! I would have been a little nervous too!


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