Monday, October 18, 2010

Suck It Up... And Enjoy!

Is It Possible To Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Dear Dan Flanders,

My name is Gracie and
 I'm six years young.  
My dilemma started last
 week when I visited what 
I thought would be an 
enjoyable and fun
 Dog Park in Frostburg.  
I ran and I played 
and soon became tuckered out. 
Enter Miss Goody-Two- Shoes 
with her Newly washed and 
styled puffy white fur and shy
 little 'are you talking to me?' attitude.
  After smelling her out, 
I did a brief little snap at her 
nose, just to make 
sure she understood who 
was boss.

She didn't. 

Now I'm going to Obedience School.
 How can I get out of this?

Sincerely, Desperate Dog 

Dear Desperate Dog,

You can't be terrorizing other dogs!
 It's in the doggie rule book.  
Take a look at yourself in the 
mirror and tell yourself you're 
better than that

Now suck it up... and enjoy! 
You might like it...

Dan Flanders

Ready for School

Dear Diary,

Note to self:  To get even with Mom for airing my dirty laundry on blogs and Facebook....  Remember to just act opposite of how she says I am.  She'll keep shaking her head and trying to explain to everyone that I really am aggressive and socially retarded.  But nobody will believe her.  

Obedience school was good. 

 And I think Mom learned a thing or two.  



  1. You are very cute with your bookbag! Hey, you're not an old dog, you are barely middle aged, but I think you must have been acting like a teenager, so you must be young at heart.

  2. I think obedience school will be great for you all! and I think your mom is doing this for your own good so you can get out and enjoy being with other canines!


  3. Hey~~Theres nothing wonrg with showing xactly who is boss with Miss Attitude!! Dont feel bad and as far as school, smile and be sweet and they will wonder WHAT in the world your mom was thinkin...


  4. obedience school is not that bad. maybe you can meet new friends there. hehehe.

  5. Dan Flanders! You are such a hoot! I don't believe for a minute that sweet-faced little Gracie is agressive. I'm certain you're making it all up! ;-Þ

  6. Gracie is a Princess and Princesses are meant to be admired and spoiled like the little diva she is. Sooo cute, and cute post.

  7. Oh Gracie, you are adorable! And that uppity little white furball probably deserved a little snap! (That's probably not what your mama wants to hear me say)... I love you Gracie... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. What a fun post...I read it to my husband and he enjoyed it too. That picture with the book bag is priceless.

  9. Thanks for coming over to visit and for being a new follower! What an adorable dog! Too funny!



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