Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Weekend With Marley's Dad

So what does this Christmas stone 
have to do with John Grogan ? 

Christmas '05 

 I'm guessing Hubby was clueless as to what to get me that year. 
 With this gift... how could he go wrong? 

 I was pretty excited about being able to 
'create a weekend' of my very own.  
So I tucked it safely in my lingerie drawer waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The gift was just what it said it was.  
A weekend anywhere, doing anything. 

No limits.  

What would you choose?

Early in 2006 I began paging though one of Waldenbook's best sellers 'Marley and Me'. 

The book went home with me... 

Through laughter and tears I felt everything the author must have felt, especially with Gracie having just turned a year old and the  puppy horror still fresh in my mind.  

Though the book was sprinkled with the funny antics of the author's dog Marley, there was a deeper and more meaningful message that I took away from the book.  For me it was about relationships, hurts, loving, and letting go. 

 I could relate.

 I didn't even have to think about it.  I was in the 'There's no greater book ever written (not counting the Holy Bible of course) than Marley and Me mode'.  

And so several months later I cashed in my weekend stone and we packed our bags and reserved a room at the Hilton on Airport Road in Allentown Pa.  

Emmaus was not only John Grogan's hometown, but my hubby's mom resided there as well... so I had every right to be near the infamous author without being labeled 'stalker'. 

 His book signing wasn't there, but in another town about an hour away at a Walmart. 

I was second in line.  

My inspiration for 'Gracie's Diary, A Memoir' 


  1. HELLO!!! Well how cool is that??!! I think pretty cool!! I read the book and saw the movie--Loved the book a little more, and could really see the antics of a couple of my group.
    I hope you're doing well--THANK YOU for your kind comments and stopping by my blog--I'm back in the saddle and blogging again--YAY!! :-)

  2. I had seen parts of the movie and it wasn't until recently that I saw the movie in it's entirety. Some day I would like to read the book, as I feel the book is always better than the movie! That was a token well spent!

  3. The book is way better than the movie, Sharon. Even so... when I saw it in the theatre I thought I'd have to be removed whenever Marley was dying... I couldn't stop sobbing... Geesh, you'd think I'd get over it already... especially since I'd read the book and all.... but no, I lost it once again. If you get a chance, definitely read the book.

  4. Wow! You got to meet the author! This is a wonderful book, and I have given it as a gift!

  5. what a great gift for your hubby to come up with and loved how you decided to use it! I bet it was such a fun experience to meet John Grogan. I loved that book; haven't seen the movie because I know I will be a mess after seeing it, LOL. I never laughed so hard or cried so much reading a book.

    thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us :)


  6. What a nice gift and what a cool way to spend some days. I have not seen the movie or read the books as of yet....hmmmmm maybe it will go on my christmas list for this year. :)

  7. Very nice gift and great way to spend your w/e!
    I loved Marley and Me, too!

  8. We had a Marley dog too, his name was Bandit (be careful with those doggie names). We have had many dogs, but no one even approaching Bandit. He was just so incredible. He was 14 when he died two years ago. I was worried Marley and Me would break my heart, so I never read it. Do you think I should?--Inger

  9. Inger, Marley and Me would certainly break your heart... It's a wonderful read and very entertaining.... Maybe some day you'll be ready. :)

  10. Marley & Me?? i loooovveeee so much this book!! =)



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