Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lehigh County Courts Unfair to Disabled Dad

When divorced with children, it's a man's obligation to pay child support for their child. 

 But what happens when a man becomes disabled and is unable?  

Oh, there is so much I want to say...  but I can't put the words together right now.  

Once again Gary has been denied to do a telephone conference, which means he would have to drive 8 hours round trip for a 30-40 minute conference.  He offered a doctor's note saying that he should not travel and a disability doctor's appointment on that same day, but the courts say 'denied'. 

He is not behind on his support.  He's trying to get a modification.  

 The stress alone is more than he can take.  

It's almost four years since his surgery to remove a part of his intestine.

He had just lost his father, and his daughter was being kept from him.  He tried to call her every night.  No answer.  Parental alienation is cruel.

Finally he was ready to go home. 

It's hard to believe he's been fighting the courts ever since.  Visitation/Custody/Child Support/Getting help for his daughter

Everything failed. 

 I was  present at the last hearing when Judge Ford told Gary that he didn't believe that Dr. Mark's signature was valid on the letter Gary presented, proof that he was unable to work.  

"Contempt!" the judge proclaimed.  

Gary's not a deadbeat dad.  He's always paid his child support on time... up until last year when he became disabled.  Now the only way he can pay is through credit cards.

This was his last visitation with his daughter.  

Family courts destroy people!


  1. It's too bad you couldn't have gotten a Notary to go up to the Dr.'s office and had the note notarized. (With the note on the Dr.'s letterhead stationary.) Will Gary be permanently disabled?

    The family courts are a real mess, there are too many cases and too many bias, power crazy judges.

    This is really too bad, I don't have any ideas that will help, and I'm sorry you guys have to go through all this.

  2. such a sad situation; so sorry all have to go through this :(


  3. Sharon, Gary has offered notarized statements in the past. He's had the doctor testify on his behalf by phone. His doctor is a well respected Gatroenterlogist in our area and even he has been blown away by the arrogance and lackluster way these courts treat human beings. The courts and those involved do not like Gary because he has fought tooth and nail to save his daughter these past four years and did not given up on what should be fair and right and true. They are opposite of all that is good, and are not there for the best interest of the child at all. When it comes down to it, it's all about how much money can be made in the court system. Sad, but true.

  4. Gary will never be able to work like he did before. His condition does worsen with stress and he has sure had enough of that lately. His insides are 'a mess' according to Dr. Mark. The ex is a very 'special lady' in that she seems to get delight from watching him suffer... really! She will take him back to court to get an extra twenty dollars a month... (She always wins). Adding to that, his daughter has become an exact replica of the ex and... well... I won't go there.

  5. Hi Bobbi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Gosh, you have so many valid things that need said, and have created a great blog to do it with!! I don't know who Gary is to you, friend or relation, but that judge must be nuts!!! Couldn't they have gotten the doctor to come to court? Couldn't Gary have showed the judge this scar? Sounds like the judge is maybe biased. And your brother Jimmy sounds so special, it is a shame they way this counrty treats vets!!! So many are now homeless all because of risking their life for their country! Gracie is beyond cute! Oh, the dog park incident! Might I recommend watching Cesar Milan's shows "The Dog Whisperer?" We watched the T.V. shows, but he also had DVD's and books. LOVE your blog, signing on to follow.

  6. Hi Ginny, so glad to have you..... thanks for your encouraging words. Gary is my hubby by the way, so these things that I talk about are truths that I have witnessed for myself.... Gary has brought the pictures to court with him but the judge said he didn't want to see them. Unfairness and bias in the family courts is common these days but if it's not in ones back yard, they usually know nothing about it. Sad, but true. Once again... thanks for your kind comment...

  7. Hi there,
    I DO feel your pain and I'm so sorry. My husband had 2 small children when we met 15 years ago and I would say for the next 12 or so years until they were 18, his ex-wife made it her life's mission to not only to try and break us up (didn't work), but to poison the kids minds against us. It did work for one child who turned into the same nasty and negative person that her mother is, but the other daughter is a joy and and we have a great relationship with her. I do believe that what goes around comes around and Gary's ex sounds like a truly miserable, unhappy person. Trust me, she'll get hers and you won't have to do a thing. Just keep being the good people you are and let God sort out the rest. No doubt that it's tough though. Hang in there.



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