Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear Diary,

Gee, guess what I get to do today?

 I Watched the house again.  Surprise, surprise.  

Hmph! No surprise there.... who are they kidding?

They act like it's such a big deal.  'Oh Gracie, you have to protect us', 'Watch for intruders, Gracie'... and so on. 

 Yea, right.  

Let me bark at a shifty looking little old lady and her poodle as they pass by and see what happens. 

 'Gracie! Muzzle!'  


Wait.  Is that my new neighbor and boyfriend Max?  

Could it be?  

Is it...???

False alarm.  

There ain't nothing going to get me out of this funk I'm in.   


Not Dairy Queen.  

Not tennis courts. 

 Forget Scooby Snacks.... 

I'm mad and I wish to stay that way thank you very much.
Nothing will stop me from moping around...


My squeaky Chickie Bird!! 

 Daddy!!  Where did you find it?

  I thought it was lost forever!!!

Happy for now.  Gracie.

PS  I found out that my Squeaky Chicky Bird was not lost at all but PUT AWAY because it makes too much noise.  I'm hiding it now...  see how they like that!


  1. Oh,Gracie, you are too much. You sure wear your emotions on your!

  2. You sure can jump high, Gracie!

    Aw, nothing wrong with guarding the fort, we do it all the time!

    J n J

  3. Hi ya! You left a comment just above mine at Sugar's bloggie, so thought I'd come say hello. So, HIIIII! Looks like one of those super fun, super special times' toy :) Come by for a visit sometime if ya like :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. LOL Gracie!! we have toys like that, that are put away because they are noisy. It is an important job to keep the house in order, don't you forget that!


  5. Hope you find a great place to hide "the birdie"...!! Try behind the pillows ...under the sheets in the guest for Max & Mia....


  6. Gracie is a very good watch dog if she can stay awake :-)


  7. Miaumiau, I'm a chick who likes having friends
    Would you be mine (to my miga)?
    Then you'll know me by my blog and say if you want to be my friend if you want to take my virginity from Friends "GOLD", is below the followers
    I am waiting for your visit
    Ronrons of

  8. Gracie...I am so glad you found your noisy toy(hide it well this time)! I have just become your 40th follower and you already have my heart! Can't wait to see what next posting brings! Please come and visit me at my history blog - I'd love to have you!

  9. Wow, that must be some chicky bird for a jump that high! Thanks so much for following us - we're following back!

    The Road Dogs

  10. Gracie
    You are just way tooo cute!! I will follow your blog and we can be friends. WOW!! You can jump super high!! I am glad you got to play with your toy!! Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  11. Gracie, you are too cute for words! And smart. Let's see if those humans of yours can find Chicky Bird now. Bet they can't!!



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