Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Once Upon a Summer...

The problem with inconsistent blogging is this:  You tend to forget what you've already blogged about and chance repeating yourself.  So bear with me, please.  

Lately I have been forgetting certain events or times in my life and by going back on my past blogs I am able to say Aha!  Yep, that is what it was ... or when it was...  or how it was.  

And so I am going to try again - to be consistent - If for no other reason than to be able to look back and reflect or remember certain dates or events. 

Let's talk about summer.  Is it going by too fast for you too?  Wow!  Before you know it pumpkin spice will be all the rage.

My summer so far has been hot days, plenty of rain, some visits to the campground, an occasional dip in the pool, and time with the grandkids.

Apparently word is out and our place has become the best vacation spot this side of town according to Rabbit Life Magazine.  Gracie is to the point where bunnies are not intriguing anymore, but rather just a part of the landscape.  Often we will go out to find one sprawled out right in front of our door, just resting after a heavy meal of clover or whatever it is bunnies eat.  We only had one fatality and that was when Gary moved the lawnmower out to cut the grass and ...  well...  sadly baby did not make it.  We were very sad for days.  He is always so careful to look for them and not cut around where they hang out unless he knows for sure they are not there.

It was sad.

My daughter gifted me on my birthday with tickets (front and center) for our local Summer Theatre's production of Mama Mia.  It was awesome and even the girls loved it.  They are going around now dancing and singing to the upbeat songs of Abba.

Gary and I went to the movies to see the new one, Mama Mia Here I Go Again.  It was a waste of money.  **SPOILER ALERT**  Not nearly as good as the first one and Cher could in no way right what was wronged when Meryl Streep was killed off.

I got Gary a nice projector for his birthday...  mainly to take to camp and show movies outside.  Well, now we have a pull down screen in our living room and the projector set up so that we can watch movies **big screen** from the comfort of our recliners.  Pop the popcorn, put on the surround sound, and we are at the movies, baby!!!!!  The quality is professional and awesome!  Some day we will make it to camp with the projector and some good video.  Hopefully when we get back from the beach we can do an overnight with the grands at camp and have a campfire and movie night.  

And speaking of camp.  Don't say the word around Gracie.  She *Loves Loves Loves* camp!!  It relaxes her,  excites her, and makes her very hungry for camp food.


  1. I'm glad you will be posting more often. I can't wait for the camping video! Camping should be gorgeous when the leaves turn and there is a nip in the air. Newsflash: Pumpkin spice is already in our grocery store! Usually any movie that Cher is in is good. Now I won't go to see it.

  2. That projector sounds like a perfect gift! Who can resist a movie on the big screen with popcorn and great company! Summer is going by way too fast. I know any day now I'll go to Wal-Mart and there will be Christmas things out to buy.


  3. It's always fun to read about your grandkids. And the projector with big screen sounds like a lot of fun.

    Samson Says: Gracie, Gracie, you are so cute. I agree about the rabbits, we have a lot here too and they don't do much for me. Faith likes to chase them. I like to bother the gophers, that's much more fun. Their heads pop up and down in the dirt. XOXOXOXOXO Your Samson

  4. Summer sure is clipping along at a fast pace, despite the heat and rain. I'm about ready for cooler temps, so I can go out and enjoy the deck. A projector is a super idea for the grand kids - enjoy their company now while you can!


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