Tuesday, August 16, 2016

VayCay 2016 Pt 3

The start of a beautiful day....

One last selfie before beach hair sets in....

And this.  Am I the only one that finds the following scene to be disturbing??

At first I thought they were dead lobsters waiting to be purchased.  But their little pinchers were moving!  They were very much alive!  Probably suffering!  Needing to be back in the sea!  I wanted to buy them all and throw them back into the ocean!  But I also wanted to stay married..  and so I walked away and tried to erase that scene from my mind after I took a quick shot of the poor things...

The scavenger hunt was well under way.   It was fun watching the videos and photos pour in....  and I couldn't help but wonder, who would be the lucky one?  The one to get their hands on that hard to find item?

Which team would find the winning item?  The Fruit stripe gum?

Laughter and excitement filled the air on our final night.  There was a surprise ending.  That I will share with you in my next blog post.  

The kids had all completed their scavenger hunt and got to spin the wheel for prizes!  

The next morning we would be leaving our peaceful and fun retreat to go back to routine.  Back to the place we call home.  Back to work.  

But first...  a night walk on the beach for Gary and me...  and then an early up the next morning to watch the sun rise.  

Sorting through the scavenger hunt finds left on the table from the night before, I smiled.  
Through seeing death and dying, loss and heartache from a years worth of life since our last beach trip, I had just experienced a week of peace.  I had laughed till I cried.  I'd had intimate moments talking with God and cherished memories with family.  Life would go on.  And one day...  I would say goodbye to this world just like my sister did about eight months ago.  (Gosh I miss her!)  But until my time here is through, I hope to find joy in in the simplest and silliest of things.... 

Goodbye Ocean City, Maryland...  until next year...  maybe...  who knows...  only God...  

Stay tuned for the surprise ending in Pt. 4 and Gracie will have a thing or two to say about her new toy....


  1. Oh I can't wait to hear about Part 4. On the edge of my seat waiting :)

    We have to take the snippets of fun while we can enjoy it; seems like you did that this year on your vacation :)


  2. Sounds heavenly. A lovely retreat to reset the mind.

  3. Lovely beach scenes. You'll have to have one blown up poster size.
    Poor supper, I know you can just imagine being trussed up with no food or water ...
    Going home, sad at first, isn't it? Y'all had a great vacation to remember. The time did go fast though.



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